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  • jlcconsult1 jlcconsult1 Jan 25, 2011 8:59 AM Flag



    We are all BROKE. It's all funny money. Unless you physically hold gold. oil.or food. No of which is easy to exchange.

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    • European and American companies continue to expand revenue growth while their economies stagnant. Good for the wealthy. Bad for the rest.

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      • Who would be on this list today?

        List of businessmen who were called robber barons

        John Jacob Astor (real estate, fur)—New York City
        Andrew Carnegie (steel)—Pittsburgh and New York
        Jay Cooke (finance)—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        Charles Crocker (railroads)—California
        Daniel Drew (finance)—New York state
        James Buchanan Duke (tobacco)—near Durham, North Carolina
        James Fisk (finance)—New York state
        Henry Morrison Flagler (railroads, oil, the Standard Oil company)—New York City and Palm Beach, Florida
        Henry Clay Frick (steel)—Pittsburgh and New York City
        John Warne Gates (steel)
        Jay Gould (railroads)
        Edward Henry Harriman (railroads)—New York state[6]
        Mark Hopkins (railroads)—California
        J. P. Morgan (banking, finance, steel, industrial consolidation)—New York City
        Henry B. Plant (railroads)—Florida
        John D. Rockefeller (oil) Standard Oil
        John D. Spreckels (San Diego transportation, water, media)—San Diego, California
        Leland Stanford (railroads)—Sacramento, California and San Francisco, California
        Cornelius Vanderbilt (railroads)[6]

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