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  • jlcconsult1 jlcconsult1 Dec 5, 2011 7:42 PM Flag

    Oprah and Potato chips..=Obummer


    Second term....if the repub's can't get traction, this could be the best short of all time. After Iowa, i'll consider the worst case scenario. 1 more year of this and then maybe 4 more....OH MY....ready to become perma bear if he gets re-elected.

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    • trickle_down_tax_scammers trickle_down_tax_scammers Dec 6, 2011 10:00 PM Flag

      No....I wasnt saying that...

      And if you knew anything about government in 2006 through 2008 it was still split with the Republicans mainly in control. You had a Democratic government in power since 2009 until 2010 only. And even at that measure if you utilize the filibuster like a crack pipe, which the GOP did, NO PARTY can do anything. There are enough CONservative Democrats in the Senate like Nelson and the laughable independent Lieberman to help the GOP in their obstructionism.

      And if you read my posts, I DID credit the GOP with their work during the Clinton please read a bit before making accusations.

      On the other hand, anyone saying the Bush economy was a good one is full of baloney. It was a false economy fueled by debt that was attached to a fixed asset housing bubble. Americans created more personal debt under Bush than any President in history. A vast majority of jobs lost are construction jobs...and these arent coming matter what party is in power.

      THe GOP also took a budget trending towards surplus and exploded the deficit in 6 short years, all the while trashing our dollar and really softening up things for when the bubble popped.

      It did and then the CONservatives hand the other party the turd sandwich and say..."fix it"...but we will fight you all the way in whatever you try. contempt for Republicans still stands, as bad as the Democrats are, the stench coming from the GOP still stinks up the place even more. But the coming elections will be very interesting indeed. Do we elect the party that cant put out the fire, or the ones who started it in the first place.

    • Well since 2006 is 5, going on 6 years. Good god, are you saying that the dems couldn't fix anything in this amount of time? Even thought they had overwhellming control of the house and senate during obummers first 2 years? Honestly, how long do you think that dems get to be in power before anything is their fault?

      Also, as I recall, the economy was great prior to the dems winnnig control of the congress in the 2006 elections, it was about 2 years later when it crapped out. Seems the republican years were pretty properous.

      Honestly, you can't say that the Clinton years were great without also crediting the congress of those "12 of 16" years

    • Trickle

      now you just sound like Mac a brainwashed kool aid drinking left wing nut job

      the people will decide who is right

    • I'm saying that your remark was typically pointless.

    • what years are you talking about? The last decent GOP administration was Eisenhower. Reagan simply borrowed and spent and started his own version of wealth redistribution. Nixon took us off the gold standard in order to help finance his spending on the Viet Nam war.

      Bush 1 actually wasnt too bad. He raised taxes which actually benefited Clinton.

      Too bad his moron of a son didnt learn from history.

    • Lib this, lefty that...yada yada....names are meaningless

      Know your history a bit better friend.

      Until Obama, Republicans had control of the WH 20 of 28 years.

      Until 2006 Republicans had control of Congress 12 of the last 16 years.

      Since Reagan the top 1 % owned 8% of the American wealth, now they own 40%.

      And speaking of Clinton...wasnt it the RIGHTIES who impeached him for personal indiscretions. Anything to gain power eh?

      Clinton was hounded almost as bad as Obama has been hounded and that was in the face of NO WARS and decent job creation. The GOP are excellent obstructionists, which at times is appropriate. However, they suck at governance, especially when they control all branches.

      How did you like that SCOTUS ruling designating corporations as people. Thank you right wing if we can only make a corporation do a perp walk.

    • tickle they are getting shorter and shorter, that's good

      so lets get this straight are u saying the 4.1 trillion of debt Obama is responsible for in his 1st term are less than what Regan spent/ I would like you to clarify that

    • so your saying that the dems didn't have a majority in both houses for all those years? perhaps a small change of history is in order to support the current koolaid. Your too funny.

    • typical Full'OShit post. OH YEAH TONS... btw you can't go by D or R because Most of the South was Democratic but very conservative...

    • this is right outa the lefty playbook. Lefties had lots of years with control of both houses and the WH and you still need to blame history.pitiful argument. At the end of the day there have been only two decent presidents in the last 30 years Reagan and Clinton. There have not been any good senates or houses. imho

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