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  • jlcconsult1 jlcconsult1 Nov 8, 2012 8:38 PM Flag

    You Can't Have It....


    I think,,no I know, what is happening to the market is a very simple human instinct. The game has changed from share a little of the wealth,,, to out right extortion by the libs. Now, the wealthy/ier,, not necessarily rich,,, but those with the ability to open/ or close a business, have decided the game is not fair if a certain class of people want to take 50% of their profit. Makes total sense to me. What you are witnessing is the fight or flight event of capitalism.
    History has shown over and over, capitalism thrives when the pie is expanded for everyone.....( those that contribute), that is the problem with socialism and the liberal agenda. They dwell on the fortune of others with no thought as to how hard an individual had to work to get to that rung of the ladder. The successful people in business didn't wine and #$%$ about what they should get from someone else.
    So..... Now we've reached the point where the 47% will tell everyone else they owe more while they do nothing more. I don't include people who have contributed, military, retired disabled ect. However, the proportion of those that want vs. those that need has out weighted the ability of taxpayers to support.
    When wealthy people take their money out of the "system", the rest will get very little. You are witness to the single human incentive driving this market and the US economy. "Keeping what they Have" and the rest can figure out who else to mug.., they won't have anyone left with enough money to bother mugging.

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    • thats ridiculous. only the mefda can convince you that earning another dollar is bad because you only keep 60 cents of it. as a corp controller, i have yet to meet a businessman that told me they didnt want to sell me their goods because they only keep 60 cents of that margin. you people are nothing but whiney little bisches.

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