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  • room4morestuff69 room4morestuff69 Jan 29, 2013 8:03 PM Flag

    Hi, there's still no recovery. And there won't be.

    Just reminding some of the board longtimers that nothing has changed, rising stock prices don't equate recovery. The economy is still in dismal shape as is the rest of the world. That being said there's nothing wrong with trading and making a buck in either direction I just don't want anyone here thinking things are ok now because they are not. It's worse now than it's ever been.

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    • Bernanke already said that he's inflating the stock market to make people feel wealthy and encourage them to spend. Yes, it's a facade. But I don't see them taking the kool aid away and risk people tightening up their wallets yet. That would bring a slow economy to a screaching halt.

      2014 is when things REALLY get bad with the Obama"care" fines and higher taxes across the board. I predict that they push this ponzi scheme higher than anyone could imagine in 2013 and the the market gets nasty staring in 2014 and lasting a long long time! A real bear market with no cure until the dems pull something to dress the market ahead of the 2016 election.

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