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  • nynerisktaker nynerisktaker May 22, 2013 3:16 PM Flag

    IRS official Lois Lerner: ‘I have not done anything wrong’

    if thats the case why would you take the 5th and the guy sitting at the top dosen't know much about it. Start a criminal investigation and get these folks to tell the truth including the folks at the top. Do we live in the old soviet union now

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    • I am a liberal or progressive, and I also want an investigation. Honestly I don't think we know yet whether a few staffers including maybe a low-level manager cooked this up, or if there was DNC or higher IRS management behind it. Rather than speculate, the American people need to find out. This should not be a partisan issue, since distortion or corruption in the agencies of government leads in the long run to dysfunctional nations and suffering citizens. If we find out it was political thought by a few individuals, then we know where it stops. On a humorous note, if they wanted to check for liberal political applications, what words could they have searched for... the fact that "patriot" is a "Conservative" word makes me chuckle, but we need all kinds of thinking to make a great country and keep a balance.

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    • The IRS thing will be a tough one to shake. Cant blame it on the reps so pleading innocent is all they got except the well played partisan card...wont work. too many on both sides afraid of the irs. O went way out there on this if not him then dnc.

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