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  • nynerisktaker nynerisktaker Nov 14, 2013 4:51 PM Flag

    Fianally O Care & Liberalism Dying a Slow Death

    Hopefully this debacle shows everyone in America the gov is incapable of running anything. This has to be the worst debacle in Americas history ( even worst then Delta's TVIX trade ) and can put an end to all the touchy feelly stuff the liberals introduce to buy votes from the uniformed.
    If O were smart and he's not, he could have given the private sector insurers a set of goals he wanted to implement and let them work it out instead of letting lobbyist write some thing no one understands or reads. Cruz was right as it turns out and that's hope and change we can count on.

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    • "Boehner on #Obamacare: I just heard from DC Health Link that I have been successfully enrolled."

      Uh-oh Obamacare turns out to be great deal personally for Boehner

    • Surprise, it turns out insurance companies are dropping customers because their policies weren't up to Obama care standards and they might have to pay when these undesirable policy holders get sick. Then they offer higher priced policies to them. This hybrid system might not work in the long run. The good companies will keep health plans for their employees to avoid a brain drain. In the end business may push for socialized healthcare. It would be a huge benefit to them. What happens if Obamacare gets killed in congress next year?

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      • "What happens if Obamacare gets killed in congress next year?" it would confirm that this bill was garbage. With any luck this experience will provide a how not to do anything message. The notion that we should do O care because we need to do something is flawed logic. Why not take five years do it right(private sector) no exemtions. 3-5 different plans. No underlying expectations like "were counting on screwing those healthy young people to pay for this" . Actuaries decide whos going to pay and when not politiians!Until people understand that health is a choice and not something you find at the doctor we will continue to pay and pay and pay. GL

    • Obama has no experience running anything. Only four years in the Senate. He spent half that time running for president. He picked Sebelius to run healthcare. She had no experience in healthcare or IT. Her IT program in Kansas had failed.

    • "This has to be the worst debacle in Americas history"

      That's silly, obviously. To anybody who heard of the wars in Viet Nam and Iraq, which should include most children.

      The problem is Nyner mistakes fundraising letters for factual content. Fundraising letters thrive on extreme comments, where the other side is always "the worst ever", and every new law is an immediate threat to our way of life. OK, parties have to raise money, fine. But when you take lines from those letters and say them in the real world, it sounds really ridiculous.

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      • maybe to you it's silly but this is the biggest debacle we have seen in our lifetime and no fundraising letter needs to say it. This stupidity, waste of time and money also effects every person in the US.
        Anyone with a small brain can see what just played out. It takes more than campaigning & lies to succeed and this guy and his group have just sealed their fate as the worst admin ever. They will pay a heavy fine next year and will not pass anything else. He and every dem that voted for this takeover have lost all credibility, period

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