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  • buzz60016 buzz60016 Jun 5, 2014 1:25 PM Flag

    It was a huge bull run. PeraBears put to shame

    Fed manipulation or not..........bears were wrong again.

    At the end of this current bull run, a bear market will follow, as it always does.
    The cycle will repeat.

    morons like delta, will say something intelligent, like I TOLD YOU SO !
    and forget, their zillion wrong calls..........


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    • ""PeraBears put to shame""

      Buzz you have been warning the bears of this board for years. How much money could they have made had they listened to you? Fed manipulation, valuations ,what ever the reasons don't matter. For five years the perma-bears have been wrong. 2000 is no big deal now. When I said 2000 2 years ago is seemed a stretch. I think 3000 is possible by 2017 as that would bring us close to 1999 valuations at current earning, which considering current long interest rates would not be as crazy.

    • It was a huge bull run........and is still a huge bull run, until it is not.

      no other place to put cash.........stocks win.
      print baby print..........The world's reserve currency. Those in power, want to remain in power.

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