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  • stock_crazy stock_crazy Feb 28, 2005 10:04 AM Flag

    It Will Bounce Back!!!

    Stay Thy hand fellow shareholders. GLFD can make this up. All the shorts are taken place and by the end of the day watch it go back green again! IMHO!

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    • Darn!

    • Please ask your shrink to increase the dosage. You are off my correspondance list, effective immediately.

    • Listen sophomore, quit your non sequitors and circular logic and ranting and ravings at me. I just related facts which you can't seem to touch.

      GLFD & Craig Smith, inspite of GLFD's rich patent estate, (gratis of Sol Snyder, JHH, et al.) has screwed up terribly as a business for most of the past ten years. It has cost shareholders like me 85% of our initial investments value and lost all of its major collaborative partners.

      Yes, insiders have been buyers and they've been kicked in the teeth too. Finally, they said enough is enough and at too long last finally showed Smith the door. Whether GLFD can climb back from here remains to be seen. Original share value is terribly diluted and subordinated to prior revenue claims. I'm still long the stock but will probably never see my original investment value.

      I don't, however, feel a bit better about being on the same side of the stock with a boot licking sycophant like you. Are you a relative of Smith?

    • I also forgot to mention Deerfield Capital, which is in the number one spot among hedge funds that own this stock.

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      • Too lazy to listen to the conference call or play the conference playback yourself? And G. W.B. wants to privatize Social Security and put their own retirement decisions in the hands of people like you!

        90 days on the job and the new CEO said he would not comment on strategic direction until later in the second quarter after he had reviewed his findings with the GLFD BOD; said the BOD had given him a "broad mandate" (read we fired Craig Smith and need you to get us out of this mess) and "everything was on the table"(read stop the cashflow hemorhage).
        Said GLFD had a "complex capital structure"(read stultifying web of debt, warrants, convertibles, options, calls on revenues and the opaque SND agreement);said Aggrastat sales were a very big disappointment"; the company's FY 2004 (miserable)economic performance (y over y losses growing 67% and expenses nearly doubling)"speaks for itself"; C