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  • tensgut tensgut Sep 5, 2011 9:25 AM Flag

    No Doubt, the World's Economy is Very Weak

    I first have to say to all of the shorts, Congratulations! You have made money!

    Perhaps you will continue to thrive as the Global economy is in dire times. Government has grown recklously, unemployment is rampant, and entitlements are out of control.

    Can Obama turn things around? Too late, he has lost confidence. He is still interested in making America a Socialist society blaming everybody but himself for the predictament we are in. It is time to stop blaming the previous administration.

    Now let's focus in on the Market. It will take time to fully recover, perhaps in 2012 when a serious candidate takes control and business leaders are welcome to do business, invest and rehire again.

    Now let's focus on Osiris. We have seen deterioration in share price. But the underlying value of Osiris has not decreased, it has significantly increased. There is no debt, sufficient cash on hand to last at least two years, and a boatload of very important patents and exclusivity. The biosurgery medical device products will spew a steady and rapidly growing income stream. The primary adult stem cell therapy, Prochymal, will be an unbelievable revenue stream. It will take time to get approved in the US with Big Pharma fighting every step along the way. But that does not stop world wide approval, and that will happen. When, I do not know. We are at the mercy of foreign governments to decide if they want to be the first to save lives.

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    • Personally- I don't talk politics with anyone for fear of wanting to strangle them. Please, don't use this board as a platform to discuss world happenings- unless the company OSIR is in the headlines. Yes, the economy is probably worse than it was in 2008. It is true all gov policy is just away to take away our money- to support vacation homes, yachts and hooks.

    • Well, I have to disagree as corporate America is actually doing quite well and Obama has done almost everything the Republicans have asked including extending the Bush tax cuts, promoting gas drilling, and pulling back the EPA as of last week. How about mission Osama and that mission in Tripoli?

      Unfortunately, we just got a bill for the $3 trillion wars. Confidence was lost because of the tea party not negotiating to close some tax loopholes in reasonable time. If you think cutting corporate taxes to zero is going to help, like I said, they are cash rich and doing just fine outsourcing.

      The problem is jobs in the United States. We cannot compete in terms of cost. There is no president or congress that can turn this around. I have listened to the Republican candidates, and if you believe what they are saying, you don't understand foreign education and why every other doc you see is an Indian.

      I advise everyone to get on a plane and spend a month observing the competition. Yes, look at the Novartis patents and see the Boston biotechs cannot compete with the Indian pharma support in Bangalore and Hyderabad which is now getting co-inventorship for innovation. Boston cannot compete with their prices. Do the math. The tea party cracks me up. They really do. So innocent. Where were they while bush was spending $400 billion here and $600 billion there for his pea size brain war in Iraq. So innocent those tea party grandma and grandpa's. So nobly they support the troops.

      The sucking sound Perot talked about. This is the issue, not Obama. The tea party is a bunch of old farts living in the 1950's who have no clue about the competition. I put the tea party up against any private Catholic school educated Indian any fact the last time they had their colon digital exams, I bet I know who performed the procedure and charged their medicare cards, ha ha ha ha. Obama's the problem, give me a break. This Country is so innocent. The Chinese laugh at our trade policy. Ha ha ha. If only we had Palin, she would turn things around. What are you stupid?

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      • You Know I do not like the political crap that seems to find its way into everything. I am also offended when someone attacks the tea party. Its all part of the lefty plan to have some one to attack. I believe that it is role #13 in the lefty handbook. So post something on MSNBC where you can find someone to agree with you. The last time I thought about it we where here to make money. GLTA Cobra

      • You're correct. Corporate and financial America are doing quite well.

        "Let the big dogs hunt". Get rid of these piss-ant regulations. Let the entrepreneurs, not government, grow us out of this self induced malaise. Things to build and people to do it.

        The Tea Party wreaks with the status quo of the past...but obama deliberately likens us to the rest of the world....

        Shame on him

    • PIIGS just became BIG PIS. Below is a link to an article from Zero Hedge regarding the latest complication to the European debt crisis. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

      CNBC is going to have a special broadcast tonite at 9:00 PM EDT to discuss today's selloff in European markets.

    • I agree with your observation. Very good points.

      OSIR is expanding and implementing its business plan. Very key.

      Much of the reason for corporate stagnation is Perhaps the regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, and obama will get their heads together and relent on their social agenda and remove all those stifling burdens. And there's thousands.

      Last thing this country needs at the moment is some "frigging animal rights" and much of the similar and apparent job killing regs. Stupid.

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