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  • scistats scistats Nov 18, 2011 12:19 AM Flag

    A Prochymal approval in Canada will result in a...?

    Thanks oldfolks, this is exciting news. I know Bill Hunter at Angiotech had really wanted to hang on to the AMI cells with Athersys as the initial results looked good. Angiotech was driven into bankruptcy by Wild Bill (CEO) and Tom Bailey (CFO). They bet on a large medical instruments purchase years ago, just as Wild Bill's Taxus stent revenue dropped. But this is ancient history.

    Anyway, Athersys is now free with their core asset. Able to consolidate, I look forward to Athersys partnering their AMI cells with Pfizer and then looking to merge technologies with Osiris for a mega merger, considering the Pfizer and Sanfi effect. If this happens, look out!

    Osiris+Athersys+Pfizer+Sanofi, this is a recipe for success. Now, why would Athersys and Osiris merge? They complement perfectly in my opinion providing necessary staggered redundancy with Osiris providing the cash upon Prochymal approval in Canada. I do think Athersys has slightly cheaper cell production technology, but they are way behind. This is why it will work so well.

    I really like this idea. I hope they get together. It would be the perfect mix of IP, cash, and big pharma collaboration. This would work. Going forward everyone is going to have to be creative and innovate unique partnerships. We saw what just happened to GERN. Going it alone is a very bad idea. Canadian approval of Prochymal is the key that will unlock the door to approaching Athersys.

    If I was in charge, this would be my game plan. Combine cash, a Pfizer collaboration, and fresh IP to tie up the loose ends to cheapen production going forward. This would help avoid the DNDN effect. Expense matters and Athersys can project value.

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