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  • daniel7711_ega daniel7711_ega Nov 29, 2012 9:02 PM Flag

    OSIRIS....what else?


    Dr. Mills says there's more in the pipeline. Before I go there, with success with any one of the prominent OSIR products it is conceivable to realistically project the possible revenue making OSIR a $100 pps.

    Logical to expect more from Biosurgery Products....Dr. Mills says. Don't know what but easy enough to guess. However, I'm thinking OSIR is working on the END GAME....REGENERATIVE PROCESSES FOR ORGANS.

    But as a known approach that completely eliminates competition with similar products and therapies as Prochymal....OSIR has the patent for processing Adult Stem Cells to predict efficacy....ISOGENEIC

    With what we know, is it realistic to think that many bio-pharms want a little Prochymal action? Also good to know OSIR is setting things up to "blow and go" with BP.

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    • Daniel: I don't know why you always try to pump this stock ? 100 pps ? u r on crack.. that's all I can say. my charts say you won't see even 12 in the next year or even in 2014. who will buy this company which has nothing to deliver ?

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      • More and more, I sense Osiris is just like The Emperor's New Suit, sad ending.

      • OSIR hit 14 recently Slicks. Did your chart mention this? If your charts could tell the future, you would be out there living. What you are really doing is kicking the tires looking for some answers. Well, since you have your opinion, I will tell you mine. Prochymal for GvHD is a modest money maker, but AMI is a barn burner. The problem is, we need an AMI phase 3 that will require a partner. This equates to Prochymal dilution. By how much I do not know, but we are about to find out. Who will this partner be? Abbott or Boston Scientific? This ensures that a big piece of the Prochymal pie goes to the big dogs with their head in the food bowl lapping it down. Osiris is left at the small Prochymal bowl. Peter and Randy value biosurgery over Prochymal and will use a Prochymal up front payment to promote Grafix, Ovation, and Cartiform sales. They want to whip the rednecks at MiMedx with their dried up, five year shelf life, AmnioFix. The problem with your charts are Osiris biosurgery products are on the market, so if they can compete following a Prochymal deal, we are in probably in what I would personally define as pay dirt. You wouldn't be here if you didn't think so as well. Now, how much of what Randy said about Biosurgery is true? Is it s game changer? Well, based on what he said, he is partially, exploiting reality. We all want to believe him, but this is what CEOs get paid to do. So far the number tell us its a lackluster start. Meanwhile, Cimcbride's rebel flag flying boys from Georgia are putting points on the board, Southern Style. I can hear Lynyrd Skynyrd now. So, we have the overpaid Yankee CEO (from Florida) vs a good ol boy Southern inside trader. Its epic! Who is right. Is anyone telling the truth? The answer cannot be found in charts, it will be found in quarterly reports, and what I see at best right now is 20 pps. The new product Randy speaks of point to the only IP not yet talked about. COBALAMIN TAXANE BIOCONJUGATES for cancer. Yea, I reckon 20 PPS with the Prochymal dilution and a good Grafix and Ovation showing. But, we ain't there yet. There was enough boasting at Piper to make me think things ain't going well, so hold on.

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      • No guarantees for sure. However it does seem like some of the products have a promising future. But it does take execution. Somewhat new territory having to commercialize rather than research and develope.

        Seems much of the success depends on the quality of a new partnership. I'm more excited near term just knowing potential valuations are accelerating with the business model taking shape. I hope each one here has taken the time to listen again to the Piper HC. Lots of hidden and inferred info revealed with Dr. Mills parsing his words.

        Hate to hear the gloom. Gets a little discouraging with a dim outlook. Nevertheless....good luck.

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