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  • ativaloc ativaloc Sep 16, 2013 11:53 PM Flag

    January 16, 2007 ATH $29.29

    Don't be fooled by the pattern, we can easily see a chart and see history, and history doesn't necessarily repeat itself. Once we break $29.29 and we will do so soon, we will be in uncharted territory. No more deep pullbacks, there will be plenty of news to keep us on a steady projection to $100.00 plus. my prediction is $3,000.00/share unsplit in SEVEN years.

    PROCHYMAL will be the BIG driver, once we get a collaborator deal done we will see a steady increasing stream of revenue. This alone will command a $1000.00/ share with 20-30% annual increases. Everyone is talking and proclaiming the power of MSC, an of the shelf solution makes the most sense and OSIRIS provides it.

    30% quarter over quarter increases for the last SIX quarters without any salesforce intervention is very impressive, now that we have boots on the ground my expectation is 100% Q. over Q. easily attainable. Now with FOUR products for sale GRAFIX, OVATION, CARTIFORM and OVATION OS, each unique in their own fields.

    We will soon begin to hear remarkable stories from patients and Doctors alike about the remarkable healing effects of all these products. DFU and VLU, no more amputations, WIN, WIN, WIN for all. Once Doctors learn of the powerful healing power of these products, they will abandon all previous product and embrace OSIRIS with an open door policy for future products, confidence is a powerful human trait.
    GRAFIX, leading the pack. It's visual and the results are instant and verifiable. $500.00/share. Scar removal, burt victims, plastic surgery, DFU, VLU, any type of wound, any type of surgery applied inside and outside for scarless incisions.
    OVATION, right behind GRAFIX close to surpassing it. There is no other item like it, Surgeons are raving about it and no competition. These are LIVE stem cells ready to become what the surrounding cells instruct them to be. $750.00/share, a little splash will do you. Orthopedic surgeons love it and it WORKS. Ever think about how many bones are broken?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Pretty sad reading the desperate lamentations of bagholders.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • 1 Reply to bonkthegrups
      • The only "bagholder" is YOU, keeping your thunderbird well hidden from your masters. Be careful holding those borrowed shares you may not have a say or when and at what price you need to purchase them back. Sometimes people underestimate the power of OSIRIS.

        OSIRIS, greater than the sum of their parts.

        BOIKY DOIKY you stick with your thunderbird and I'll stick and multiply with OSIRIS

        Stem cells, magically morphing to help the body heal itself. GET SOME it will do you good

        Just sayin

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • worth shorting, once it hits $10 soon.

    • CARTIFORM the big DADDY, slow starter but once the momentum builds, LOOK OUT. Microfractures 70% failure rate, CARTIFORM, small, medium or large we got you covered and you will be on your feet in a flash. $1000.00/share NO other product like it on the market. Does the word EXCLUSIVITY ring a bell?

      What other new product will Dr. Mills introduce in October? What data will he be releasing from the 302 study? Who will be the next country to announce? Will the Grohns study be completed? Will the FDA allow PROCHYMAL for AMI without a third trial? Type 1 diabetes two year result show some progress?

      OSIRIS is in the incubator and they are about to multiply faster than stem cells in a petri dish, GET SOME.

      OSIRIS like no other.

      OSIRIS transforming medicine as we know it.

      OSIRIS the trend setter

      OSIRIS game changer for modern medicine

      Don't play with your shares, things are about to happen. Only a limited amount of shares available, don't be left behind.

      Stem cells, the future is NOW and OSIRIS is the leader.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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