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  • ch47ady ch47ady Oct 22, 2013 2:56 AM Flag

    wrong reaction

    the market reaction is once again totally wrong. Liar AF caused damage and will be taken care of. osiris is in the very best position since ever. cooperation with fda is very good. as we have very advanced products regular updates with fda are necessary. do you really think fda would have let grafix, ovation and cartiform on the market without carefully checking out everything ? grafix is the very best product in the market and will prevent a very big number of amputations. All what really happened was that fda gave us SECURITY. a bla for grafix will be filed and it will be the first approved stem cell product in the usa. once dust settles we will be back to the 16/17 plateau and after strong q3 figures, wellcome 20 plus.

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    • A voice of reason ... as always!!

    • cool prediction .......

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    • what I find interesting is the TIMELINES!

      When I went to premarket on OSIR yesterday..I noticed it was trading in the 17s as expected and than I think maybe about 7:40AM I saw a trade for 100 shares at 14.75(100shares) and that kinda shocked me! The very next trade was back in the 17s and it traded in the low 17s the rest of the AM! I set a couple lowball bids thinking maybe that was a Fluke Trade but maybe I too could get some CHEAP SHARES..but none came back to that trade point!

      That tells me the 100 shares $14.75 premarket TRADE was CONTRIVED and on was TELEGRAPHED by SHORTS to cause ALARM and PANIC! It was basically someone selling to them self or a partner in crime!

      Than we get Benziga about after the market open and we are only down 6.5% trading around 16.35 so down but not a PANIC...yet! Than the AF article hits the wire and all HELL breaks lose! This was a CONTRIVED ATTACK by bears and shorts and it started last week..I was buying some weaker shares and they telegraphed something was coming on friday just by the weaker prices and all the usual yahoo chatter!

      If we firm today at 15-16 range than that signals it was a BEAR RAID..

      I believe it was all contrived, AF is behind it..its not the first time he gets behind a WITCHUNT, the shorts pile on, he publishes a DAMNING ARTICLE and the stock tanks.This T I see OSIR plans to take some LEGAL ACTION and this will not be the first T a company has done so, nor is it the END OF OSIR!

      A couple years ago I held AMAG at 24, AF attacked them over the ALTH merger and on top of that the INFAMOUS Hedge Fund player Martin Schkreli made an offer to buy out AMAG and tried to OUST the CEO!

      "MSMB is a long-term investor in Amag and believes that the management's current strategy does not protect the interests of Amag's stockholders or ensure Amag's long-term viability."

      I double downed on AMAG at 14 than,RODE it up to 27 recently and SOLD OUT!

      I think OSIR was attacked over a simple BLA letter w/ FDA!

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      • Fraz, I believe the new acting SEC would very much be interested in this. A. F. continues to cause harm and needs to be put in his place. He is far from a journalist but only a tool for the NAKED short sellers.

        I would be very surprised to see A. F. ever mentioning OSIRIS in a negative tone again, but then again imbeciles and low-life individuals with no scruples will continue until no longer can from behind BARS.

        Wall st easy money turned out to be nightmare the day after halloween, the NAKED shorts are trapped and there are no treats for them. I suspect they may take one last attempt to take OSIRIS down only to pay dearly for THE BIOTECH that COULD.

        OSIRIS, the one and only

        Admiral Mills aka "one two punch charlie" is very EFFECTIVE and no one know when he will strike.

        May the stem cell help you sleep over the weekend

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