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  • smtracker smtracker Jul 31, 2004 8:36 PM Flag

    Is humanity in deep trouble or what

    We ruined the climate. We poluted our lakes and oceans. There is floods famine all over the world. Yet, the Presidential candidates think about building more weapons to kill more people. War is not the solution. You go attack someone today and one day they will attack you back....

    Why can't we go the peace solution. To help every country to solve their famine problem.

    To clean up the environment.

    I can't see how we can improve other peoples' lives by dropping bombs into their cities and destroying everything they have ???????

    Come on whoever you are out there. If you have the power, please think about peace. It must start somewhere.

    If we work together we win together as a whole planet.

    Don't vote for any President that thinks building up the military is a solution. It may be a greedy one and a tragic one because you end up killing tones and tones of people and eventually destroying the world !!!!!!!

    Things just don't make sense why we have wars for thousands of year !!!!

    What have we achieved ?????

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    • "Things just don't make sense why we have wars for thousands of year !!!!

      What have we achieved ?????"

      What have we achieved? Oh not much, just....
      - Ended Slavery (Civil War)
      - Ended a German Tyrant's Genocide of the Jews (WWII)
      - Liberated the sovereign state of France from an occupying force (WWII)
      - Created a land of freedom of religion and from government without representation (War of Independence)
      - Financially crippled and an oppresive regime and brought democracy and freedom to hundreds of millions of people (Cold War)
      - Liberated the sovereign state of Kuwait from an unprovoked attack by the Iraqi regime (1st Gulf War)
      - Toppled a regime that had committed genocide by killing over 300,000 Kurds (men, WOMEN and CHILDREN)
      - Ended the genocide of tens of thousands in Europe (Bosnia)

      If it wasn't for the wars we have fought, you wouldn't have the freedom to write these messages and speak your opinion.

      I appreciate your opinion, but it is a bit altruistic. The "peace solution" is the one that we are proposing in the US. When someone breaks with this "solution" we have no choice but to respond with force. When the Japanese Zero's came over the ridge to the west of the docks at Pearl Harbor, my grandfather thought about peace for a split second before manning his anti-aircraft station and letting rip.

      Our military might has been a deterrent to heads of states sround the world that have contemplated attacking US soil or the soil of any sovereign country. The terrorism that has finally come to our homeland is the result of radical Islam's desire to rid the world of Jews and western culture. We need to proactively remove any regime that provides financial or other aid to these terrorists, lest they obtain the means to carry out that fullscale "cleansing" of the world.

      May God Bless our President and May God Bless America.

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      • I just bought this stock yesterday, so i feel I can contribute here.

        The Bible, which is not only the great book of my failth, but that of several other religions as well, tells us there will be wars and rumors of wars for as long as man populates the Earth. It also tells us to "as much as within your ability abide peaceably with all men."

        We Americans sat here in our homes, and watched as we were attacked, unprovoked, on our own soil. Not, once, not twice, but three major times, before we declared war on terrorism. As much as we were able, we abided peacably, until thousands of our own people were killed before our very eyes.

        Now it's on. And I for one, pray it does not let up until we have won a lopsided victory, so we can then return to abiding peacably with all men. I will vote for the presidential candidate who is most likely to stand his ground until the victory is complete. After that we will try the peace route.

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