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  • nasdaqczar2 nasdaqczar2 Nov 2, 2010 2:03 PM Flag


    Forest labs to partner tagatose spex to receive $50 million 15% royalty back end loaded milestone payments could total $1 billion eom

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    • deal done set for jan 11th announcement at conference eom

    • spex partnership anytime coming now :)

    • ya forest labs jigger eom

    • qtrchit i was only joking with you about the screenshots omg this guy is a dunce well now we can all see how this crashed one nut trying to manipulate the stock that morning too bad it backfired on him he tried to buy up all the shares and dump them for a quick profit in the premarket sure he got his 3500 august 1.40-1.50 shares out but the 130k he bought 8am 10-7-2010 he caused a massive panic trying to unload them he belongs in jail and never to use a computer again, no thanks qtrchit for telling me i never would have looked up this bs scam everyone please file criminal charges against this nut ask etrade to freeze his account and get your money back its a clear open and shut case of fraud and manipulation nasdaq should cancel the trades 20% above prices you will all get your money back now thanks to the great one exposing this fraud :) Nasdaq and Etrade will be forced to reverse the fraudulant trades i guarantee it just print out all his screenshots and send it immediately to nasdaq and etrade and finra and sec you got him red handed you see that qtrchit you cant fool the great one, thank the lord i wasnt involved in this stock when this mess happened i told you dummies to stay away eom

      now you people know who to go after get his gamblers IP address etrade is involved in the scam he overpaid in the premarket $2.58 to dump a lousy 3500 shares he bought around $1.50 but it backfired on him he took a wicked beating on the 130k shares he tried to manipulate the stock only a dunce would post evidence of his crime he had to sell all way down take what he could get he couldnt get out after he tried to buy up float in premarket some marketmakers made a fortune off this nut then he was forced to dump all those shares he only had 3500 shares before he added them all on 10-7-2010 in premarket well now we see why the stock crashed he caused a panic selling and send this to the SEC and lock him up and freeze his etrade account as well demand they reverse all the trades so you people get your money back asap i told you people to get out and stay away you didnt listen qtrchit believed his scam too comical eom

    • what a joke he bought all those shares in the premarket and then dumped them all for a huge loss, he did make about $2500 on the august 17 shares but he took a wicked bath on the rest and couldnt get out lol selling all way down he made himself feel good and patted himself on the back with the bs screenshots too bad he lost all his money in spex pretty quick $2500 gain on the 3500 august 17 buys around $1.50 great 130k at wicked losses the guy couldnt get out an admits he took a loss and "already move on to avnr or some trash stock, by the way qtrchit my sources tell me its Forest labs with the offer but strings are attached get some help both of you and stop posting bs to make yourself look like an expert trader that only you made the big score you friggen nut you admit you bought them all and got up at 8am in the premarket, yes he made a profit and can only prove the buys in august on about 3500 shares true the rest of his story is BS and scam nice try nice work if you can get it lollllllllllllllllllllllllll

    • ill add some more too brb thanks eom

    • yes forest labs deal even crackpots can cut a deal eom

    • well i was a little angry at the crackpots and deservedly well but Forest Labs is knocking on the door i hear, i am giving these dumbbells and potty mouth kruger one more chance to do right and good now sign a blanking deal thats an order eom

    • you know what's funny? nasdaqczar was the clown who got all bent outta shape about the Phase 3 results being pushed back a couple of weeks and went on his one man rage accusing SPEX/Kruger of fraud....suggesting they go to jail....etc....etc....

      Now look at what he is posting.....pure 100% unadulterated bullsh*t....1000 times worse than SPEX delaying the news......what a worthless scumbag

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