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  • qrtr_miler qrtr_miler Dec 3, 2012 9:52 AM Flag

    restructuring today

    Well there's the first step towards a reverse merger......Claire is taking her profitable consulting business back from SPEX.....nothing but no-revenue/cashflow-sucking BioSpherics left....very easy to roll-up into a reverse merger.....Several old Board members dropped off as well.....the 2 new Directors, who specialize in reverse mergers, are at the helm now.....proceed....

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    • Why are you still here fer Pete' sake?

    • I sold with a profit of roughly 50% back in 2002 and never touched it again but have rread the board ocassionally for sentimental reasons. My (BINC-)SPEX investment helped me in a difficult situation. Sad to say, but Amberjohn was right with some of his suspections.

      What are the Levins doing?

      Have a nice Christmas

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      • Rob! Wie geht es ehnen, mein herr? It's crazy how much of this stuff we used to have. I had to have several hundred thousand dollars worth and luckily sold out early 2000 at an avg of $11.25 (on it's way to $14+ briefly) to build an addition on my house. Only traded much smaller lots after that....even shorted it once too.....very hard to borrow stock.

        AJ was not right in his main thesis: that tagatose was a viable, potentially profitable sweetener that Arla was simply dragging its feet on to burn time off the royalty clock. In hindsight, tagatose was, and is, a miserable failure as a sweetener....and ever other use so far....Arla was not delaying....they simply bought the rights to an unmarketable product. Period. AJ always claimed that after the royalty period was over (2006?) that Arla would "ramp up" tagatose production and make much more money and pay no royalties to BINC/SPEX.

        AJ was wrong. His conspiracy theory never seemed plausible....seemed more like the ramblings of a disgruntled ex-employee....which they were. As I said many times....Arla/tagatose failing does not = AJ was right.

        Levins were bought out and moved to Florida. Gil had several millions worth of SPEX back in the it's virtually worthless paper after a series of damaging reverse splits.

    • The announcement says "it has sold all of the stock of Spherix Consulting, Inc. to ChromaDex, Inc." Do we know what the proceeds will be for that stock sale?

    • Ready for a new diluition !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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