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  • red_barchetta_drearns red_barchetta_drearns Sep 21, 2005 12:23 PM Flag

    A few weeks ago it was disaster

    in Louisana and Mississippi, last week a hurricane hit the Carolina coast, AND now it's Texas' turn!

    PEOPLE wake UP, a few degrees increase in Atlantic and Gulf water temps -- caused by GLOBAL WARMING, doh!!!!!!! -- is DESTROYING the southeast coast. And yes, I know they're all red states, BUT as a PROUD liberal I have compassion, even for the IGNORANT!!!

    Isn't it time for IMPEACHMENT!!!! Oh but I forgot, you reBUBlicans only impeach for consensual adult relationships, NOT for bringing havoc and destruction upon an entire region of OUR country!!!!!!!!

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    • We also know that after passage, legislation is handed over to the federal agencies, who then interpet it and write the rules. And it's the rules, not the legislation, that matter.

    • The guy in the White House can read??

      We know the congress doesn't read the legislation it votes on...

    • Just think that was 230 years ago.
      All 535 congressional members and the entire White House should be required to read Samuel johnson's writings.

      Wouldn't hurt!!

    • They're also responsible for their neighbors. Where I grew up in the 50's, you certainly weren't going to wait for government if lightening started a brush fire which then swept through the tall grass in the desert, threatening you or your neighbors livestock or buildings. Everyone pitched in. All Katrina and Rita are about is the same principal on a larger scale.

    • "Dam inspectors? We don't need no dam inspectors. Let the people downstream do the inspecting." Gallager

      Common sense people are responsible for themselves FIRST!!!

    • It's a good article, and very close to the point. The chairmen for the 9/11 committee always recognized that communications and planning were the key. Their report recommended a number of changes, many of which were mandated and passed by congress - but never implemented. Brown said today that FEMA doesn't do police, doesn't do communications, and doesn't do evacuation. And he's right. But somebody must do these things, and if states and cities don't have the resources, then - as was demonstrated with Rita - the feds have to help. At the same time, Brown skipped over one event I always remembered - which was that on the Wed pm after the Monday am strike, he gave a press conference and told everyone that FEMA had loaded up fleets of trucks and that they were leaving then - and that help was imminent. This was almost 60 hours after the strike. Rather than having those trucks loaded in advance - as they then did with Rita, they waited. Further, FEMA deployed 1300 people for Rita in advance of the storm, but not for Katrina.

      In the end, I've always felt it was a collective failure. Consider what are perhaps the ultimate two ironies. People criticized the poor and the incapacitated for not getting out of town, but the plans to evacuate those without transportation or with special transportation needs had largely been scrapped. Further, officials at every level knew that the levees were not designed for anything other than a category 3. Physics and math are absolute sciences, and it was then perfectly clear that the levees would fail and the city would be flooded by 10' of water in many places. Yet, there were no army transports, no med-evac military choppers, and the like.

      I believe that the entire process - as did the chairmen of the 9/11 dommittee - was badly flawed. We were determined to do better after 9/11, but much of what we learned simply was never implemented.

      Governments are sometimes slow learners. In this case - we knew a major flood was going to happen - yet as one of the FEMA managers said in your article - no one turned the start key.

      In sum, the nation did not have a clear plan it place for dealing with significant natural disasters. So it took one to point out - as did 9/11, that we must have such a plan.

      As far as everyone knowing about the levees - that is also a shared responsibility among governments. The did know - the Feds, the State and the City. But the totality of funds necessary to construct the levees to withstand such a storm were never made available. At each and every level, government underfunded.

      Many, of course, want to point fingers at the people of New Orelans for living there, yet anyone listening to Rita knows full well that a series of areas along the coast are at or near sea level, and have either no - or inadequate levees to prevent catastrophic floods from storm surges. Further, New York, Miami, and other major cities are in exactly the same position.

      And in the end, what I personally will take from all of this is how, one day, the nation sat back knowing that a major flood was going to occur, and was not prepared.

    • Isn't it funny to listen to the left and the right complain about the partisan media? If you listen to Michelle Malkin, Powerline, etc., you will hear nothing but gripes about the left wing media. If you listen to Daily Kos, Huffington, etc., you will hear all about the skewed right wing media.

      If you only listen to one side then you truely believe it. I think the Post leans a little left but is much more credible than the NY Times who is blatently left. Then again, Rush and Fox are blatently right. Funny stuff.

    • Respectfully we can agree to disagree.

      Its not hard to see partisanship from the right and left.
      The finger pointing and he said/she said serve only the most entrenched and out of touch lawmakers. As to my political affiliation carving out my viewpoint nobody on either side comes out smelling like a rose.

      Blanco, Bush, , democrats, GOP, FEMA, and Local authorities all had a huge learning curve after Katrina.
      The Feds do have the resources, and N.O. has been several feet under sea level for a couple hundred years.
      The levee system showed its weaknesses in The Hurricanes of 1947, 1965, 1969, 1998, and 2004.
      In 1998 Hurricane George forced 60% of N.O. residents to head to higher ground and the Superdome was used as shelter for those not getting out of town.
      George did veer 55 miles east of N.O.

      Maybe the last couple of years Federal money was not pouring in like it used to for previous decades . State and local authorities chose to hope a direct hit of anything above a Category 3 would not happen.

      This link gives an interesting account of the pre and post Katrina periods.

      I am not sure of the the bias in the Post.

    • "Victimized" can mean different things to different people, but I was hoping you could come up with more than the loss of a beach house to call yourself really victimized. Was there any loss of life? Or was life as they knew it gone forever? If so, then maybe they would have been more motivated to find out how a "goof" exascerbated their trajedy.

    • <<I suppose that would be easier to say if you weren't among those victimized.>>

      Tough, you read but you don't hear. My family WAS among the "victimized" in '38.

      BTW,"victim" and all its derivatives are very overused terms by you on the left.

      My folks lost a summer house at Oakland Beach as well as some damage at home inland. Though the beach house completely disappeared can you believe they never blamed ANYONE for it? Simple Yankee logic told them that not even the biggest BS artist politician could have prevented it. And, they never asked that hotel maids from Boston pay to "built it again, better than new".

      They would've been the real "victims".

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