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  • enzhu enzhu Oct 25, 2006 6:24 PM Flag

    What's wrong with FNF today?

    Could any one tell me what's wrong with FNF today?
    It was $43.7 yesterday, how come it is $21.24 now?
    Did it drop almost half in a day or it splitted? I trid to look for any news about split but can't find.
    Thank you very much.

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    • it has been div to fnt fnf.

    • The only problem with that is your converstion ratios are wrong. After plugging in the true FNF 2 FNT ratio (1.047732) and the last announced guess FNF 2 FIS ratio (0.537228 from a FNF press release) and you get:

      "1000sh FNF @ $42.81 = $42,810.00
      which will become
      1047sh FNT(FNF) @ $21.25 = $22,248.75
      537sh FIS @ $38.34 = $20,597.32
      total = $42,861.63
      net gain = - $51.63 or -0.0012%"

      Now you do get the fractional shares as cash, which I didn't both to add in, so its basically a wash... with the exception that the overall share prices have risen since then.

      What I'm still boggled on is why isn't the FNF>FIS conversion ratio set in stone already. Why is it the best guess until Nov 9th? I've posted this question two other times, and no one seems to know that answer.

    • Just plug your numbers into this previous post and you will see what you are getting. Remember the rest of the spinoff is not completed yet, so for now you will show a negative for FNF while you have a positive for FNT. FIS spinoff will be the rest of this deal.

      "1000sh FNF @ $42.81 = $42,810.00
      which will become
      1070sh FNT(FNF) @ $21.25 = $22,737.50
      546sh FIS @ $38.34 = $20,933.64
      total = $43,671.14
      net gain = $861.14 or +2.01%"

      Hope that helps.

    • Although my broker said to "expect some changes" I STILL am confused! And see others are also...but when they ask, again! how to figure it out, they only get "Geesh ur dum" or something like that.

      Every time any of my stock has split in the past, Yahoo is right there with a quick fix on the day it happens. So far there's no notification from Yahoo. The question is:
      If I had 242 shares of FNF and 42 shares of FNT and "things are going to really be sweet).....why do I show a huge loss
      even though the news said "FNF reached a high today" when I know the price was over $44 and dropped the next day to $22?

      I hate to do it, but guess I'll just trust my stockbroker to show the right figures. (Can you tell I'm wringing my hands?)

    • Shares just hit my brokerage account.

    • According to an article in the florida times union, you should see completion of the entire process in about 3 weeks.

    • Ok, Monday morning and still no FNT stock in my brokerage account. Anyone else having problems getting their FNT stock?

    • My shares have yet to get posted yet in my broker account. I called them this morning and they said they have yet to receive the shares. Said it probably would be Monday...

      My 401k with FNF has the shares there this morning....

    • JW - who is your broker? Mine is eTrade and I still haven't received the shares that other posters say they have received.


    • My new shares showed up in my BAIS account on 10/25/06 morning, and I'm no one special.

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