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  • WEKNOW99 WEKNOW99 Apr 4, 1999 4:29 PM Flag

    You all have a good week I'm off to Maui

    good luck all you longs I'm heading off for weeks
    vacation in Maui and will let all of you battle it out. My
    take is that FNF will use up tht 4 million buyback and
    loan money for officers very quickly then it'll sink
    back down. See you soon..Mahalo

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    • not going to happen!

    • The hot stock pick of the week - TTRIF

      Analysts predict strong buy on TTRIF
      and target price
      for TTRIF is $0.35 to $0.50

      1) Expect revenue
      to increase($1.2 million) and
      business expanding
      (secured $200 million in
      long-term debt

      2) New Management team will start a stock
      Program soon and will aggressively pursue new

      This stock is going to be very hot and is about
      to scream.

      Check it out NOW!!!!

      ARET(5/12)->TTRIF (5/19)
      Don�t miss it this time.

    • I'm confused here: with FOMC biased towards
      tightening bias, why the market thrug off all that and move
      into FNF. In the past, we would get a hammer with that
      kind of news.

      Well. I guess even the bond
      market does not care about the rate hike possibility,
      neither should we.

    • 5% increase in the value! Things are cooking in
      the kitchen and this baby is going to rock very soon!
      The shift is just beginning its move to this sector
      and when it takes hold, the sharks will have a
      feeding frenzy on this one. Good luck all

      The latest news will stimulate a lot more business
      from lenders as the refi business is still hanging on
      by threads.

      As always, this is only my


    • The high general market valuation and rate hike fear are going to push down FNF for a while. Opp. to buy more FNF.

    • I have worked for FNF for 6 years. During my time
      here our marketshare has increased dramatically. We we
      once in the #4 position we are now the #1 title
      company out of 14 in the bay area. Our local management
      has been in place for about 4 years and have
      excellent relationships with the employees. I know I deal
      with them everyday.

      I have never met Foley but
      from what I hear amongst employees and management is
      he is an excellent leader with an ability to make
      anything successful.

      As for the future, all I can
      say is that again this month we are very busy, the
      market is shifting towards resales although our refi
      business is also very strong. Put all of this together and
      it makes a strong case for FNF's


    • Have you worked for FNF long? During the 94-95
      period, how bad is FNF's business? How long has the
      current management team in place, Foley et

      I'm trying to look over the next business downturn,
      and see the viability of FNF's business model.
      They're shooting for 15-30% (avg. 20%) growth and ROE
      according to CC.

    • I'm glad FNF is working out for you. My plan on
      FNF, for now, is short-term, 6-month over the summer.
      I still think this summer is going to be huge for
      the housing-related business. All the builders have
      much higher P/e than title companies, yet title co's
      is reaping all the benefits. Plus, the additional
      commercial side of transition coming

      Long-term, I don't know if FNF will become No.1 in term of
      profitability. I still remember another specialty financial
      company, Green Tree Financial, in mobile home loan
      securitization biz, which went to hundreds of times over a
      decade and got bot out by Household Intl. FNF is moving
      into small equipment leasing biz. with Granite
      purchase. Considering all the successes this management had
      in other related deals (CKS resturant, e.g,), we may
      have a good term winner (like THQI).

      OT: If you
      have time, take a look at SFP. A college student
      mentioned it on the THQI (he bot at 10 a few months ago.
      Now, it's 40, and still at P/e=11+. Just had 10%
      breakout today).

      Small world.

    • I work for FNF in the Bay Area, we are extremely
      busy and have been for for the past two years. We are
      experiencing record earnings and profits.

      My take on
      FNF's stock situation is to hold on. I believe that
      this market is way overinflated in internet stocks and
      speculative stocks. Where are their earnings? Check FNF's
      earnings....they are for real...... real numbers, real


    • quant98:

      Thanks for the tip on FNF, from
      the THQI board. I bought 500 shares last week. This
      company looks very sound fundamentally, and technically
      the chart is starting to look good too. Again,

      Q. D. Fulmer

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