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  • Asierra01 Asierra01 May 25, 1999 8:30 AM Flag

    Can anyone here

    give me an opinion, to compare FAF FNF, besides
    that they exchange the A and the N. Why both are with
    such a low PE. It is because they have been growing a
    lot lately and in both companies the market (WS)
    anticipate a slow grow ?.
    Any comments

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    • A couple of years ago, FNF spinned out American
      Title Company to its own management team, and retained
      majority interest in that company, American National
      Financial, which has gone public in Feb. 99, ANFI.
      Meanwhile, FNF sold one of its subsidiary, an underwriter by
      the name of New York title insurance (?) which has
      license but not yet pushing title insurace in 35 states,
      to ANFI.

      Can anyone explain why FNF would
      allow this underwriter company be independent? What's
      the strategy here? Is this part of FNF's strategy to
      lessen its dependency on title insurance biz.?

    • Good grief who cares! Look at the stock! It is
      going north! What else matters? Notice also that even
      with this bogus lawsuit, it does not even "infect" the

      Relax and enjoy this ride


    • Bullish news for FNF!

    • I heard from a reliable source that a key player has left the company. Is this true?

    • All things you said are valid and factored in the
      price. Key thing is to use judgement whether the stock
      is fair/under/over valued for the foreseeable

      I personally think the stock is
      undervalued reflecting mood away from cyclical businesses.
      However, they are dominant in tile insurance, but also
      have investments in other areas. Mr. Foley is an
      astute player. Short term though we may be stuck here
      (~12-18+/-), but barring a major recession, I believe you have
      an easy double in a year's time.

    • The refinance boom is over, new home sales are
      dropping, mortgage companies have already begun closing
      offices and laying people off, as indicated in the Finova
      press release yesterday.
      The good times are over for
      the title industry and the companies are retracing
      their steps as they always do. FNF has problems outside
      their title business that FAF doesn't have which makes
      FAF a safer investment.

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    • anyone follow FAF, same cheap valuation as FNF, feedback appreciated

    • suit after the State Agency rushed to a
      settlement will cost a lot of attorney hours ($$$), and
      suggests that a slam dunk case does not exist. My guess is
      that little or no effort will be expended by the law
      firm and a quick settlement recovering any legal fees
      already incurred or an outright withdrawal of the suit
      will be forthcoming once the State suit is settled. It
      was all a ploy to get some free publicity which they
      now have.

      Hope this helps.

    • Very volatile as Monday they got slammed over
      interest rate fears and yesterday they rose like there was
      never a problem. We said a month ago this sector would
      remain lumpy and it has proven very true. So until the
      interest rate flap is over, daytrading them or taking very
      short term holds is the key to making something here.
      The big money centers look like they want to go, but
      again the market is too nasty. C, CMB, and AXP are the
      ones that are trying to go. A host of others will do
      well once we settle
      out. (FREE trial)
      (Performance #s)

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