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  • johngunn51 johngunn51 Feb 5, 2009 6:03 PM Flag

    Barclay's selling

    450,000 shares. I think they are trying to get out of their investment on any short squeeze from the 10%/ 15K max tax credit the lobbyists are adding to the stimulus bill. I don't believe in giant corporate housing tracts. It's not a part of stabilizing the economy going forward, it just makes things worse. You want to buy a house, there are plenty and then some with character close in and already built to choose from. If you want to build a new one, pick a piece of property and hire a good contractor- many great ones to choose from that need the work. The Lennars and Hortons and Kaufman Broads and Centexs and Hovnanians and Beazers and Pultes and Meritages, geez there's way too many- build mediocre houses and half their labor are illegal immigrants taking jobs from U.S. citizens willing and qualified to work. It's a racket, just like sub-prime mortgages. Ask Steven Hilton if he can frame a house. Yeah right. But his white collar millionaires will go swallow up indigenous habitats 40 miles out of town and put up some cookie cutter fall apart in 20 year facade crap and offshore the work and the profits. They don't care about water, transportation, environment or infrastructure. And then they whine and spend 10's of millions to hire lobbyists to grease the politicians for bailouts and tax credit money so they can go back and screw America up some more. I'm tired of it. Lots of people are tired of it. Go away and die in peace. ENOUGH!

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