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  • mrsilverandgold Sep 30, 2009 10:29 PM Flag

    Meritage Bearish chart Formation!

    MTH is still up a unbelivable 300% from the 52wk low. This is absurd giviing the future projections of the housing market. The 9 month glut of supply will continue to rise, when the FED has to dramatically raise rates ala Voolcker style to stave off hyperinfaltion, this will curtail any possibility of a housing recovery.

    The 20DMA just crossed under the 50DMA a most bearish sign and should kick off alot of EOD scanners and more folks will hop on the short side of this stock in subsequent days. Should retrace to the 200DMA of 14.55 has lost 5 bucks already and going lower from here.

    No catalist for a positive chage or turnaround, up 300$ still with not much of any improvements in the housing sector, way overbought. I will add to my short over the next day or 2.

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    • mrsilverandgold Oct 26, 2009 6:44 AM Flag

      Ok, I have been waiting to short this overinflated junk for awhile now, looks like I will get my chance today. There is no way they are going to beat consensus, can't happen. The stock is still up a unbelievable 288.85% from the 52 week low WITH FURTHER DETERIORATION IN THEIR BALANCE SHEET AND HOUSING MARKET. Almost 12,000 foreclosurs a day are occurring in the U.S. THIS IS NO JOKE AND TRUE.

      The first residential property collaspe occurred. The second collaspe in just around the corner. Why? There has been a temporary stall in the extremity of foreclosure rates(yes, it's going to go alot higher than where is is now). All the ARM's that where written in 2006 and 2007 ARE ABOUT TO RESET CAUSING ANOTHER RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE CRASH THAT WILL BE WORSE THAN THE FIRST.

      The banks holding these toxic mortgage collaterized binds will collaspe as well. Some experts say 500 banks will go under before it's all over.

      IF YOU ARE IN THIS STOCK GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN. They have a P/E calue that you can't find recorded anywhere? Why? Because, based upon the current PPS it has to be over 300. Get out while you still can MTH is on the verge of collaspe and bankruptcy.

    • mrsilverandgold Oct 1, 2009 1:37 PM Flag

      It's actually a head and shoulders formation that has printed. Should send the stock bank to $15 to see if there is support.

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