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  • jlv1956 jlv1956 Oct 25, 1999 10:15 AM Flag

    Earnings today

    I hope it is good news and brings this stock back up to where it was.

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    • is clearstations green, and on the way up. Any old foggies like me may want to hold on to our hats. I wish it would hurry up, i got places to put this money.
      Squawk, JJ

    • Per the recent 10Q, MTH has utilized all of their
      tax net operating loss carryforwards. As I read
      earlier filings, these NOL's were the reason noone could
      purchase more than 5% of the stock and no insiders could
      purchase more stock.

      Is there any thought whether
      the Board will now eliminate the 5% limit on
      ownership of this stock, as a change in control will not
      effect MTH's taxes?

    • If one was to compare land and house cost between
      two different areas the rule of thumb makes more
      sense. If the cost of a lot in Arizona is $50k and in LA
      say $100k then the price of construction does scale,
      because the type of house and the construction cost are
      not the same in the two areas.
      SO, WHOA, down a
      little yourselves.
      Squawk, JJ

    • third and at least in my mine a more compelling
      reason for stock buy back. Buying stock is an
      investment. Companies buy back stock because they view stock
      buy back as the best investment of their dollars, ie
      better than R&D, better than buying land under the
      present circumsxtances, better than leaving the money in
      the bank. That means, in the bank case, that the
      return on investment is greater than what ever the
      prevaling interest rate might be, say 5% to 8%. This is
      what makes those who buy stock think that returns
      inthe next few quarters to years will return more than
      interest baring accounts, and therefore they buy the
      This isn't myterious.
      Squawk, JJ

    • BF,

      "The way I read it, mth_fan was
      claiming the cost to build the house scales up with land
      cost based on a constant land/total cost ratio, which
      makes no sense."

      I don't think I said that. All
      I commented on was the conference call.


    • By the way, psusongs, your numbers are correct.
      The way I read it, mth_fan was claiming the cost to
      build the house scales up with land cost based on a
      constant land/total cost ratio, which makes no

      Now, on to new business: I have been watching these
      homebuilder stocks for a while. Got a little MTH a few months
      ago, sold it when I had another stock I was itching to

      I see the homebuilder stocks are still dirt

      Anyone have opinions on when they're going to go out of
      the doldrums? I'm looking to start buying some in the
      next couple of months, but hope the window of
      opportunity doesn't close on me before I'm in.

    • Pay dividends in stock and by increasing the total number of shares in float will hopefully attract some more investors. The current daily volume scares away bigger investors.

    • for a buy-back. 1. Decrease # of shares
      thereby increasing earnings per share and,
      a concommitant increase in stock price. 2.
      Repurchase shares to use as tender
      to buy other companies
      or for an employee
      stock option/purchase
      What's your guess?
      I still believe a dividend program
      will "get
      the attention" of the market. Especially
      increased earnings have done nothing to move
      stock-price! JMHO.

      BOB O

    • Yahoo had shown that MTH would report earnings yesterday. But now I read that it won't be until Thursday, the 28th. I'm sorry for posting the wrong date.

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