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  • vkjasthi vkjasthi Jun 1, 2012 10:58 AM Flag

    Why is it down so much?

    It is down significantly with unusual high volume. Any news?

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    • It is amazing at how little investors understand KFC in China. It is not a US KFC but it is a "safe food place" tht serves to the Chinese taste. People will always buy KFC as they will buy food at 7-11. Both are considered safe food at low prices....OK 7-11 is a little more expensive but quite reasonable especially for the office people. The reaction to the drop in the index is also crazy as in Noverber it was 49. YUM at this prices is a good deal... Buying into 7-11 is more difficult being a Japanese business.

    • Why is it down so much??? Look around. WHAT isn't down?? The whole world is down. Why?? Because of politicians whose ONLY goal in life is to get re-elected. How do they do this?? By throwing somebody else's money at anybody that they think can be bought. The result?? Debt that is drowning the world, and irresponsible politicians that never learned basic math, and the masses that think they are ENTITLED so some of what everybody has. Scary ain't it??

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      • while youre complaining about politicians being bought, I hope you can admit that the fast food industry has had a grip on Washington for years. where corn syrup is subsidized to the point where a gallon of soda cost half what a gallon of milk costs. where the surgeon general is gagged to say anything about the consumption of fast food - where chickens can be raised in under 40 days with limitless growth hormones and anti biotics in the food chain.

    • it's been reported that obesity in America is subsiding - that the masses are backing off the feeding trough.

      at least I wish that were the case

    • I heard it may be slow down in China :).
      Alot of sales of YUM occur there.

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      • thats what I was thinking too about China, there was some news today the economy is slowing: June 1 (Bloomberg) -- China's manufacturing grew at the weakest pace since December, increasing the odds the government will boost stimulus to counter a deceleration in the world's second-biggest economy. Hedge funds getting out taking profits..

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