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  • rst9753 rst9753 Nov 2, 2006 8:56 PM Flag

    exodus of us dollars from Canada saves the US market

    Billions of US dollars which left Canada in the last two days has to be re-allocated. Perhaps, that is why the US market stays firm though all economic news are bad.

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    • I think the Economy of Rhode Island is larger.
      I thank my lucky stars, that I was born a Texan living in the USA. Not a Socialist living in a frozen wasteland, as a "Persona no Gratis".


    • "that is why the US market stays firm though all economic news are bad. "

      Are you kidding. The US ecominc news has been excellent. Where do you get your information from? CNN or Democratic talking points? Very low unemployment, companies reporting large increases in revenues and profits, a new technology cycle is emerging, lower fuel cost. Do I need to say more?

      The pull back of billions of dolloar in Candian investments will be a big driver for otaawa to review the propopsal and change it.

    • Count this American among those who are pulling their money out of Canada, but I will continue to spend it at the Empress in Victoria.

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      • Yep, same here...pulled my money back home...except for Crystallex which is essentially a lottery ticket.

      • Many people believe this temperate data sujests that the Fed will stop raising rates , maybe even lower next year and we will have a soft landing or simply continue to grow the econmy . They figure energy prices will come down boosting the returns for most companies in future periods . The market is always pricing what it expects to happen months ahead not current conditions . You also have allot of optimism due to the fact Democrats are expected to control either the House or Senate . After Clinton they are perceived by many to be more responsible in modern times then the Republicans . Historically the last two years of the Presedential cycle are better then the first two . You also have the seasonal pressure on the market Nov to April are the best months .The end of October is the fiscal deadline for most corperations to do their tax selling that is over too . You often see the best performance of the year between Thanksgiving to Christmas people are positioning on hopes of riding that wave .

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