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  • gorparty gorparty Mar 23, 2013 10:59 PM Flag

    Keystone Amendment Approved............By US Senate.........

    The Keystone pipeline amendment has been approved by the Senate. This is the first step to the final
    OK for construction and more cash for PGH............

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    • The most recent GOP action on this is for their oil friends but really will no nothing. The crossing the international board makes it an executive decision. It might help pave the way for the lower 48 section of the pipeline. I do see this summer the administration giving approval of it ( the state dept. already gave a yes).

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      • I ran across this just minutes after I made my other post.

        "The oil is primarily coming from the Bakken shale-oil field in North Dakota, with lesser amounts from neighboring Canada, where oil production has boomed in recent years. Trains carried nearly 5.3 million barrels of the light crude — more than 220 million gallons — across the state and into New Brunswick last year, and the volume is growing. "

        For the whole article Google - Trains carry millions of gallons of oil across ME

      • tax1099c-You are correct and for the reason you gave, if the Keystone is OK'd or killed it is in the
        hands of the POTUS, the senate and house have no say in it. The GOP is just playing politics with the issue, if POTUS does approve it, the GOP will say if it wasn't for us he wouldn't have. The truth is the oil is coming out of there irregardless if the pipeline or pipelines are approved or not. According to today's numbers and future numbers, if both pipelines were built one to the Gulf of Mexico and the other to a British Columbia port there will still be a lot of oil that has to be shipped by rail. Not that it makes a hoot what I think but I do believe P. Obama will approve it, the fact that they can move a lot by rail kind makes stopping the pipeline an exercise in futility. I understand that rail tankers vary in size but using 30,000 gallons (714 US oil barrels) as an average capacity, to get some kind of an idea of how much can be moved by rail. Using what I know, there is a the least 40,000 rail tankers on back log. Each tanker carries 714 barrels of oil, 714 X 40,000= 28,560,000. If its a ten day turn around that would be almost three million barrels a day by rail, and that number is based on the numbers of rail tankers on back log only. The Keystone XL is designed for 870,000 barrels a day. I don't know how many days it takes to make a round trip or how many oil tankers that Canada and the US have operating today, or exactly what the new tankers capacity are, I'm using general information about the number of rail tankers back logged and the amount they can move, never mind how many are operating now, this makes me think stopping the Keystone XL pipe is an exercise in futility and would put a bad light on the D. and for very little gain, and POTUS will approve it.


    • Clearing the Senate is a big step in the right direction.

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