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  • titusbythesea titusbythesea Jun 14, 2013 9:51 AM Flag

    A little OT read

    1) Corporate insiders can sell all the stock they want to, without using Form 144. They can also sell their shares and short their shares without Form 4. It is illegal, but SEC and FINRA let the large brokerage houses do it anyway. They go out of their way to help cover it up. I know, I lived it. Don't try, even for a second to tell me it's otherwise. I have held in my hands and presented to 8 different Federal Judges, proof that it is done. Significant amounts of restricted stock in the major multi-millions were involved. Period. End of story. While short, since you cannot sell restricted stock short because it cannot be loaned or borrowed, that sir, is a Naked Short Sale. And ti was done by corporate insiders. These pleadings were part of a Federal Case which was ultimately dismissed, but not due to the trading data being wrong or wrongly interpreted. The Judges knew and decided to dismiss on other grounds.

    2) You are assuming the DTCC pairs. If the DTCC fails to pair, which sale is a naked short sale? You seem so certain you are right. If DTCC does not pair, what does that mean, in a nutshell?

    This is just the beginning of enlightenment. Pre Madoff, you would tell investors a large fund like Madoff's just cannot defraud investors outright, there is simply too much oversight. WRONG. And if you think there is not another "Madoff" fund out there, again, you are sadly mistaken.

    How about the credit swap fraud which nearly plunged the entire globe into a depression? You would tell these people, based on your research, that cannot happen??

    How about the Shapiro administration taking all the whistleblower tips and not acting upon them to make the statutes expire?

    How about Shapiro refusing outright, to fire the chief investigator of the SEC when she learned his mother had her 2 million returned by Madoff himself, just before the Madoff scandal broke...and, that 2 million was never clawed back.
    Want the rest google bigfoot, comments below

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    • Not much can be done about it, in the past our government was the only thing that could control high net worth criminals, the war on our government has been very successful to the point that government by many is now viewed as the enemy of the people, with that kind of thinking they have disarmed themselves and are now at the mercy of big money whims. Nothing new here FDR understood this and did the necessary things needed to control big money and insure a more equitable distribution of wealth creation , but that was a long time ago, people forget and have fallen for mantras such as the government is the problem not the solution, that the rich are moral people they will self police, and they are the job creators, when in fact it is the consumer that is the job creator, if they don't have money they don't buy any thing, that simple, they don't buy stuff we have no middle class economy.

      I don't usually discuss these kind of subjects on this board it gets out of hand fast, I use the NEM board for this kind of thing, it has been out of control for years, well before II started posting there and that was some
      time around 2000..

      I know you were talking about trading but its all connected, the government is the only entity that can rectify these sort of things, when gw BuSh was elected he underfunded watch dog offices such as the SEC, so they couldn't do their job, and appointed people to head watch dog agencies that did not believe in the job they were to do, from this all came the financial shenanigans that lead to the world wide financial melt down,

    • A little more...related to..are the makets fair ?

      Trading in natural gas futures exploded Thursday just about seven seconds before the government was set to release its weekly market-moving natural gas storage report.

      According to data provided to CNBC by Eric Hunsader of analysis firm Nanex, $17 million worth of futures contracts changed hands in the moments leading up to the report's release, sending prices higher.

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