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  • rjpurg59 rjpurg59 Aug 16, 2013 11:26 AM Flag

    pgh....... dead money

    with this high of a dividend, there is no reason for this stock to act like a daytrade

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    • This subject line has to be one of the worst ever written for this board or subject company.

      I repeat again, there is a lot of difficultly in trying compare or blame the current company inclusive of management, change of structure, or it's stated goals to the past.. If anything past is true, It must
      include fact that management realized need for changes, and rerouted company course.

      1. no longer a Royalty Trust.
      2. no longer focused on short duration rapid decline drilling or Nat gas (in massive over supply)..
      3. Post merger with NAL, there has been no mention of lowering or reduced divy. Might it rise?
      4. The issue of so many shares was a negative, but that is the way equity markets for traders work..
      5. With exceptional results from Lindburge, sale of non-core assets to fund new Bituman Project:
      The money here is in NO WAY DEAD!
      It's more like a metaphor that "Capitalism as a form of financial farming". Capital like seed
      when planted and managed correctly yields a harvest that exceeds weight of seed, less
      subjective costs.
      Yield might exceed again!

      Not only does PGH have a pulse, it displays an energetic healthy future, and pays equity holders a strong monthly rate of return to hold.

      I also understand, & share in the frustration of those who held or got in much to early, but learning can have a price. The post merger sell off was spectacular, frustrating, and painful But not a crime!

      The poster who terms " dead'; Reminds me of a buzzard on a fence post. From where he waits and crows or caws, just trying to add distraction! He does so in the hope another rabbit, squirrel, or deer will choose the wrong moment to stop on the road! This poster lives on road kill, and enjoys a messy board . Offers no useful data, nor help or complement; This poster is a scavenger and feeds on the torments his toxic posting style is by design intended !

    • Dead money is okay; but it is a P.O.S.!

    • You seem VERY uniformed with your comment. Do some DD on this company and its prospects.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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