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    House GOP Didn't Get Pope’s Memo On Poor Before Slashing Food Stamps

    September 20, 2013 |

    "There’s nothing new about the House GOP’s war on America’s poor. They want people to go hungry. They want to deny people healthcare. Those were the bottom lines in votes on Thursday and Friday.

    The first vote cut $40 billion from food stamps over the next decade, which today assist one in seven households. The second vote cut funding for implementing the Affordable Care Act, including outreach to the poor. "

    "The papel interview, which surfaced within hours of the Republican-led House voting to cut billions from food stamps and then from healthcare, underscored just how extreme the GOP’s obsessions have become. There are 61 Republicans who are Catholic in the House; only 15 Republicans opposed the food stamp cuts; only one opposed cutting Obamacare. "

    Bottom line, Republicans being Christians is a contradictory of terms.

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    • Someone once explained to me how the government could eliminate the food stamp program.

      It went like this: cut out all food stamps and wait thirty days to see who starves to death. The ones who don't starve in the first thirty days apparently didn't need those stamps in the first place and the rest of them no longer need them either. Problem solved.

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      • You as well as I know life doesn't work that way, here is a bit of philosophy I'm not sure where it came from. People will grumble and complain as long as they have food, take food away, they will revolt. And that has been tried and trued in the court of world history.

        Just to clarify, I'm giving my take on where your post is coming from, I'm not saying that is where the present government impasse will take us, in other words in this particular post I'm being almost as absurd as you are. :)

    • "Bottom line, Republicans being Christians is a contradictory of term"

      SO supporting gay rights, and abortion isn't contradictory. Delusional!

    • Really? Slashing food stamps? We are spending double what we did when Obama took office. Either fraud is RAMPANT or Barry is the biggest failure in history because he's been President for almost 5 years! We spend more on food stamps now than in any time in our history so don't come whining with the "slashing food stamps" #$%$. Let's get loafers off the government dole and make them get a job like the rest of us. The ones who truly NEED it, will still get it. The Obama hammock of dependency is getting awfully heavy......

      We want people to take responsibility for their own lives and stop popping out kids on the taxpayer dime. If you can't afford a house: rent. If you can't afford kids: don't have them. If you need help, go to a friend, relative or charitable organization. I'm tired of paying for all of the fraud & abuse!

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      • We are spending double on food stamps since P. Obama took office, because we are still suffering from the gw BuSh greater recession. Jobs that have been created do not pay as well, and most lack benefits, and since workers can't make what they need from their jobs, they need assistance from fellow Americans. Most wealth creation in the US has went up to the ten percent, it hasn't been like that since the years before the Great Depression. Fraud is not limited to the Banksters and Wall Street, people take advantage of any and all things, using your logic you would rather get rid of them instead of enforcing our laws that catch the thieves.

        . Most people who planned families and bought houses could afford them at the time, they didn't not have a crystal ball to warn them that a financial crises would change that, and as usual you R. contradict yourselves, you claim that life isn't a certain thing and chances have to be taken, but when they take the chances and fail through no fault of their own, you say it is all their fault and they should not have ventured. If you are a Christian maybe you should think of this, except for the grace of God their goes I. Jesus never got tired of helping criminals or the poor, he never threw his hands into the air, and declared I'm tired of you, indeed when asked why he spent his time with them, he replied because they are the ones that need me.

        Unlike most who proclaim that they are Christian, Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio does the talk and the walk.

      • Yoiu're not paying for anything ... you are a DROP in the bucket in the bigger scheme of things.

        You say you have a job? Good ... Keep PAYING your taxes. We need more money!

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