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  • kravcleve kravcleve Nov 13, 2013 8:37 PM Flag

    No oil from Iran heres proof

    arned in a rare public appearance Wednesday that failure to strike a deal with ally Iran over its nuclear programme would spell "war in the region."

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    Nasrallah, who normally appears via video link for fear of assassination by arch enemy Israel, spoke in Hezbollah's southern Beirut stronghold to mark the #$%$ Muslim Ashura holiday.

    World powers failed to reach an agreement with Iran over the weekend to curb its controversial nuclear programme in exchange for some relief from crippling Western sanctions despite marathon high-profile talks in Geneva.

    The West and Israel have long suspected Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons capability alongside its civilian programme, allegations fiercely denied by Tehran.

    "What is the alternative to a deal with Iran and the countries of the world," he asked. "The alternative is war in the region."

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    • Anybody betting on a deal with Iran is likely mistaken. I personally believe it will take a massive military strike by the Israelis to end the years of fruitless negotiation.

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      • I could be mistaking about Iran offering an acceptable deal. However, you are definitely mistaking about negotiations having been gong on for years.

        What has been going on for years is more and more sanctions have been put in place against them, while ever more nations are abiding by them.

        Until the recent negotiations with the United States, Britain, China, Germany and Russia. Iran hasn't spoke directly to the US since the end of the Carter administration. Kerry's negotiations with Iran are unprecedented, and they came within a few words of an agreement, this is a stark departure from Iranian's previous leaders complete belligerency, towards anything they perceived as foreign intervention in their domestic policies.

        The Persians have more in common with the west than most of the other mid east countries do. I'll stick with my prediction that within six months a deal will be made.

    • Professional advice? I wouldn't listen to a clown like twoblackcats88. I'm in this as an investor. If I want to gamble, I'll go to 'vegas.

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