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  • heberswampdonkeys heberswampdonkeys Jun 20, 2013 2:45 PM Flag

    Trunkbow Suing Tencent for Patent Infringement

    WeChat app has over 300 million active users, soon to surpass 400 million. Patent suit underway now.

    Trunkbow International Holdings has filed sued claiming popular mobile messaging service, WeChat, used its patented technology.

    According to a Tech Sina report on Friday which cited Chinese newspaper First Financial Daily, an attorney from Trunkbow said WeChat had infringed the "Online Yellow Pages" patent, which was first filed by the founder of Trunkbow in 2009 and licensed to be used by Trunkbow exclusively after it successfully registered the patent.

    The technology enables location information to be associated with the Yellow Pages, which allows users to obtain relevant information in the vicinity of their location via a mobile terminal.

    WeChat, which was launched in early 2011, offers a similar function. Users with mobile terminals installed with WeChat can locate people in the vicinity who are also using the same app. Trunkbow deemed this to be in violation of its exclusive rights. There are 300 million WeChat users worldwide.

    Established in 2001, Trunkbow is a mobile payments services provider based in China and has been listed on Nasdaq since February 2011.

    Li Qiang, CEO of Trunkbow, told First Financial Daily that the company has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in a Chinese intermediate court in Shandong province. The court has accepted the case and trial is scheduled to begin on May 8.

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    • Today WeChat is the first mobile phone text and voice messaging communication application in the world by users and downloads in the world.[
      Tencent micro-channel sued for patent infringement

      Posted on April 12, 2013 by cell phone shop

      Micro letter charges “the storm is not yet over, Tencent micro-letters fell into the” patent infringement questioned. Yesterday, Chong Crown Pacific Technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “The Creation Crown too”) CEO of Li Qiang “First Financial Daily” reporters, said Chong Crown too has grounds to infringe the patent right for invention in the Jinan Intermediate The People’s Court to initiate proceedings to Tencent, the case be accepted by the court, and the court on May 8 this year.

      Tencent side, however, yesterday said to the reporter, Tencent has not received notice of the proceedings of the Court of Justice on this matter, in addition to not make more response.

      Patent dispute

      Public information creators Crown too is the Trunkbow (Asia Pacific) Investment Holdings Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary, which successfully listed on NASDAQ in February 2011, focused on the telecom operators to provide application platform to support mobile value-added services to customers, and mobile payment solutions.

      Too attorney of record PBL Qian Hong Ji, a senior partner of the Beijing Dacheng Law Firm, told this reporter, Tencent micro-letters allegedly infringing the patent, a project called “Online Yellow Pages provides location information associated system and method patent (Patent No.: ZL200910084756.8, hereinafter referred to as the “Online Yellow Pages patent”), it is the innovative Crown too founder Houwan Chun on May 21, 2009 for the invention, and in the July 2, 2011 patents. Since then, Hou Wanchun exclusive license gives creators Crown too exclusive technology licensing powers.

      Reporter access to information learned, Hou Wanchun online Yellow Pages patent invention is a system and method provide location information associated with online Yellow Pages. Specifically included in the mobile communication network to the mobile phone users with the user’s mobile phone terminal is located in the physical location associated with an online Yellow Pages service, the user through the position information associated with an online Yellow Pages will be able to on its mobile phone terminal display their location near its requirements for its category vCard browsing and selection, the user through his mobile telephone terminal selecting a vCard, to select a communication method and confirmed, the mobile telephone terminal to said communication mode selection out object the establishment of communication links.

      Tencent micro-letters in the January 21, 2011, After creating the contrast the Crown too by the technical features found micro-channel software, including “nearby”, “micro letter public account” has complete coverage of all the technical features Chong Crown patent has exclusive license rights too, the company that, The Tencent production operators “micro-channel software violations of the online Yellow Pages patents.

    • I don't know. We touched .58 today. Likely hit that again tomorrow, and more.

    • Thanks for posting this. It looks like this story ran on April 12th. Not sure how the May court date went, but given that Tencent is a huge company, it might be more cost effective to buyout TBOW (our current market cap is only $22M) or pay a penalty to TBOW. It doesn’t sound like WeChat competes with TBOW’s business, just that they may be using their technology to support their own app. If this IP is valuable, maybe TBOW can just sell it if cash is needed. Given that TBOW owns this IP, it might be one of the reasons management wants to take the company private before they fully monetize it.