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  • one_world_one_govt one_world_one_govt May 9, 2006 12:21 PM Flag

    What happened?

    This morning @ 2AM when the earnings came out....Everyone was crying in their beer...Sure glad I tripled my position this last week...hahaha....Just see what this stock does when they have some good news.

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    • Not everyone thank you.

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      • Scanned through all the posting since I posted mine at 5:00 this morning. Lots of very interesting 'emotional' posts with several technical and only a very few analytical messages.

        For the record, the next time that I make what turns out to be a stupid posting (we all do at some point) please remember my positive posting this morning in the sea of negativity. Some were actually thinking this stock was going to test the $9's. Guess there is nothing like a big move in the POG to flush the chart out.

        All that said, I just got home and before I listen to the cc, does anyone have anything from it that I should pay close attention to other than what a few people have already mentioned about the very favorable impact of $3.5/lb cu would have on next year's earnings? Please let me know so I won't miss anything not already covered. Thanks!

        Best of luck to all

    • You need to take a downer there lady.

      I was just responding to your question from the string that I attached to this mail and the other message that I'd already sent you to your question that you originally asked me.

      Don't worry, I've got better things to do with my time.

    • aurorium,

      <Total pro forma production for the quarter from all mines including mines acquired through the RNC Gold and Desert Sun acquisitions of 75,035 ounces.>

      I agree that 75,000 oz. is light. After rereading several documents here is my latest figures.

      Nova and Brasilero combined - 27,300 oz. again Q2

      San Andres - again 20,700 oz.

      Jacobina - ~25,000 oz Q2

      SanFrancis starts commerical production May 1 - So, 2,000 oz. April, 4,000 oz. May, say 6,000 oz. June. for a total of 12,000 oz. for Q2.

      All together 85,000 oz. Q2 @ $650 per oz. gives 55 1/4 million revenue for Q2 as opposed to 17.1 million for Q1.

      How do these numbers look?


    • Thanks Mary,

      Good news, I think you are at the absolute low end on what I am expecting for current quarter production. From the earnings release

      <Total pro forma production for the quarter from all mines including mines acquired through the RNC Gold and Desert Sun acquisitions of 75,035 ounces.>

      Sadly, I haven't run my updated numbers yet for the quarter. I normally do my first eps analysis on stocks that I'm interested in right after the previous quarter's number is released (so I can add all the new data released to my calculations) I'll do that later in the week.

      As far as best 'swag' at the ave gold price for the quarter. Right now my best guess is in the $650 range.


    • The sheeple don't realize it yet, but their savings denominated in fiat currencies, such as the dollar, are being devalued toward zero (their intrinsic value).

      Of course the lap dog media is playing up the Iran-Iraq angle, as if that were the primary cause. The primary cause is that they are creating dollars and dollar like instruments (such as bonds, asset backed securities, etc.) at a feverish pace.

      Ain't enough gold to go around, should 1% of that paper tey to get in. Got gold? IMHO, pipe

    • aurorium,

      Sorry, I did not understand your use of the word email or mail as you call these posts apparently.


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