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  • crazy1090631 crazy1090631 May 27, 2006 12:57 PM Flag

    Do you really want to see $8000 gold?

    Bread won't cost 500 bucks per loaf. Granted, we ar going to hyper inflate, but not to that extent. The U.S. will use the price to go back on the gold standard.

    In addition, I am currently in escrow for my place in the carribean, so I have aticket out of town with accounts in a few banks down south. I am also pplanning a trip to Canada in 4 weeks to deposit some cash.

    Whether I want $8000 gold or not means nothing and is not the point. We should not shoot the messengers, only figure out what is happening.

    BTW, we will see some sectors deflate while others inflate. I suspect the deflation will be real estate in the U.S. It should inflate overseas and inthe carribean. Japan looks like a good place to buy property rightnow.

    At anyrate, I think Turk, DInes and a few others are correct.

    Gold and silver to rocket!

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    • -crazy1090631
      I am trying to research these offshore strategies, but find it hard with google since there are a lot of sites that may not have dependable info.
      Could you tell me why you went with the Carribean specifically? Do you have a source of information on this subject that you could reference me to?

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