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  • csaia2003 csaia2003 Mar 19, 2008 5:43 PM Flag

    Dennis Gartman says gold to drop

    Dennis "Cartman" has been the champion of Gold for a long time now, sphincter qualifying every once in a while by saying he wouldn't add any NEW money at these levels ($1000+), maybe take some profits, but now he says get the F*@%K out of gold? Nice pirouette there, Cartman. Nice manipulation to all the crooked media talking heads. Plan your exit strategies to be as profitable as possible, then wave the panic flag to the public and scoop up all their dollars. The first thing the new administration should do is fire the entire SEC for sleeping on the job. Insider trading is more fashionable than CROX ever was at its all time peak.

    As for Guy Sodomi, I think he has about a "two handle" down there.

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    • Yeah, but our worthless dog dodo Congress should start investigations on their own. Problem is they too are in the pocket of the street up to their eyeballs, but oh no nobody wants Ron Paul. He's like a beacon in the night while the roars of the hurricane engulf us all, yet nobody listens! We go for the splash an dash and vote for idiot's that are intent on our own destruction. Very sad and disgusting at the same time.

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