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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Jul 26, 2011 2:14 PM Flag

    traders: pick an exit point

    It’s the Internet, and ya never know who’s making predictions. Maybe you think you can trade by the hour or day. Good luck.

    As stated before, we are approaching a point in time where seasonal factors rule and those factors are mostly out of the reach of those who manipulate American and British markets. So if you’re betting on the downside you may manage a tiny profit. But a loss is more likely because there’s a bunch of numbskulls in Washington, including the country’s central bank, that have yet to understand that money does not grow on trees (or maybe, more likely, they do but have criminal intent).

    See DeepCapture com to free yourselves of naïveté. They have just added a new story on how the financial meltdown of 2008 was a planned event, and the details on those involved along with the web of financial criminals involved.

    tinyurl com/CRIMINALSofWALLSTREET (Replace the space with “.” on the address line to access.)

    This website is difficult to navigate, because of its size. One way to navigate it successfully is to select your key interests, find a keyword, place it, through your browser’s “Edit” menu, into the “Find” box. Then within relevant paragraphs there will probably be a hyperlink to other pages. The process is most illuminating to discover the web of criminals that are operating in the financial markets, many, if not most, with the intent to employ financial destruction as a warfare tool. Any who take the time to read, even some of what is written there, will lose most of their illusions about what is driving share prices and the overall market.

    For some of us, at least, what this reveals is the depth of criminality that is fostered by decades of fiat money creation. That, by the way, is totally absent as a causal agent within Deep Capture, which raises serious doubts about the authors of Deep Capture having a basic understanding of the economics of honest money. Or it could be an effort to go along with the fiat money scam. You decide. If you have doubts about this claim, simply place “fiat” in Deep Capture’s search box and note that the word does not exist within. Also place the word “gold” there. You’ll have to bypass many references to Goldman-Sachs to find that the only references returned are from those who have made comments to the website’s authors.

    So this is what happens when a once great country strays from its Constitutional roots of honest money, which is the basis of making a claim in the past tense.

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