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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Apr 20, 2012 2:02 AM Flag

    Global Currency War...

    “…On the currency war front, Japan is telling the world that it is targeting inflation to be 1% and that it will be "very aggressive" in easing credit to achieve that number. They really want to de-value the Yen so they can be competitive again but with their population of older people holding economic growth in check I think that they will remain in decline for the foreseeable future. …”

    It seems most have forgotten the tsunami a little over a year ago that wiped out the Fukushima nuclear reactor complex and spread radioactive material in the surrounding area, including the ocean. THIS EVENT WAS SO MASSIVE THAT ITS EFFECTS CANNOT BE DISCOUNTED. Reports are that some of the waste is being disposed of in Tokyo Bay. In the US statistical studies have already detected a heightened death rate from radiation that has crossed the Pacific.

    tinyurl com/FUKUSHIMAwaste

    Disasters of this magnitude always seem to put governments in CYA mode which apparently can go on forever. The destruction of half the reactors at the Fukushima site may not have been the largest nuclear disaster. The Soviets, during the cold war, were disposing of nuclear waste in ditches near where they were developing nuclear weapons in Kyshtym. An explosion resulted from percolation concentrations of the waste, as related in Zhores Medvedev’s book, “Nuclear Disaster in the Urals”, that contaminated areas 300-350 kilometers from the event in an area of high rainfall with drainage into the Caspian Sea. This was covered up, not only by the Soviets, but also by western governments, including the United States. Only repeated requests through the FOIA finally divulged what was known. Much of what was released was redacted on the photocopies provided in Medvedev’s book.

    It seems the Fukushima event may be spawning con-artists with claims of new energy sources, such as the following:

    en wikipedia org/wiki/Rossi_Reactor

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    The above Wikipedia story reports that the E-Cat device was revealed shortly after the tsunami in Japan.

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