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  • chicosan3 chicosan3 Aug 17, 2012 8:23 PM Flag

    the ignorance of hapi

    total selfish man.. you are spitting on the graves of our forefathers who if it wasnt for them their would be no usa...... hitler youre pal.. i guess you never were in the service . how about the 4000 lives lost on 911....guess you didnt know any .. how about pearl harbor..what should we do give up everything america stands for.. you are lucky you can hide behind the internet otherwise you would not last long. total yellowbelly pos............

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    • I usually just enjoy the posts here and learn from others' opinions, so I don't post often..

      Chico, man, dude, seriously, you need to get counseling. Sommething is eating your grape, you need some help, which isn't available on Yahoo messageboard.. This venue is not appropriate to address that need
      I wish you the help, hope and understanding that you seek

    • Unfortunately, some have been infected with the poison of that which passes for the defense of liberty, but is anything but. It has been said that there is no one who is more enslaved than one that has become convinced that the restrictions imposed upon them by authoritarian government edict actually enhances their freedom.

      When we see people that have been infected with the poison that tyrants succeed in imposing on the thinking of some, we can try to set them straight, but in the final analysis, because we all lead busy lives, and have our own limitations, there is only so much we can do to convince them that they have been mislead in directions that not only are not in their own best interests, but are damaging to the overall cause of liberty for everyone, along with the useless loss of life, debilitating injuries and economic damage.

      Accordingly submitted is a link to someone who has greater ability than most to explain our current day issues and how we should think about them:

      gcnlive com/mediaPlayers/odPlayer php?program=powerHour (replace the spaces with a period to access)

      It is guaranteed that any who currently have unquestioning support for Middle East events will have their views greatly changed by listening at the above link over a period of time. That goes for any wars that any nation in recent history has been involved in because those in leadership positions have had more than just defense of a country’s national interests in mind. When central bankers fund both sides in a conflict for their own self interest this is NOT an issue of defending national interests, and in particular what we as Americans value, our liberty. While such actions are, by definition, treason, it is NEVER applied to banking interests, despite the consequential suffering imposed on those who are fed lies that are so deviously and massively spread by their mass media puppets.

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      • I wholeheartedly agree with you Hapi. Just the other day, I was on line at court paying a $50 fine for exercsing my freedom by not wearing a seatbelt (gubmint tax) and at the other window were a young guy and a girl (both Marines) and were in recruiting mode to some poor sap also in line. The guy talking was real slick and trying to woo this kid into service.

        I looked at the man standing next to me and said "I'm glad that ain't my son" (speaking of the Marine recruiter) and I look the kid right in the eye and the guy remarked "me too".

        So the snippy little broad chimes in with her mouth and said "and what's your son doing now? (as if anything BUT being a Marine was noble). This chick looked like the Military was her only ticket out of some poor Mississippi farm town for her and the male recruited was g a y.

        So anyway I told her... my boy works for his daddy and is up in Franklinton, LA right now at a car auction with about $25,000 of his daddy's money (mine) and he's gonna pick up some cars to sell at his uncle's (my brother in law) service station.

        So she replies... "well I guess not everyone can make it as a Marine" and I replied, "You're being used by the Government and you don't even recognize it because you're young and you think you know it all... but I pray for your parents and for you that you don't end up in a casket fighting over some sand dune in the middle east."

        She rolled her eyes at me and walked away.

      • you are a discrace to american dad served and died so you could have youre freedom which you obviously dont deserve...he earned a purple heart for his courage of which you have none..may god have mercy on you.............

    • Chico, do you have anything going on in your life besides trolling public Internet message boards and picking fights with total strangers?

    • chico-san -- what are you smoking lately? I saw you do this yesterday and here you are again. Dude, nobody even knows what the hell you are talking about.

      You are the one that claimed to have a degree in economics? Yea, right. --

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