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  • bejupete bejupete Jan 4, 2013 9:52 AM Flag


    It would be a triple bottom.
    If if breaks 1550 on the downside, panic will ensue, and then you can step in and buy.

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    • O.K. What I said is happening.
      GET READY TO BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • China has a mandate to increase their gold reserves over the next five years. The lower the price, the faster they can accumulate.

      • 1 Reply to shrs8494
      • “…The lower the price, the faster they (the Chinese) can accumulate.”

        And the faster the Fed, its elitist backers, the Democrats and the RINOs (backed by #$%$/fascists/socialists/corporatists) can destroy the middle class to bring about a one-world #$%$/socialist/fascist/corporatist paradigm. (It is really tough to put a single label on them, since their only concern is plunder that is to their benefit.)

        The price could go a little bit lower than the Topic author suggests. Don’t panic by bailing at a price that goes lower than at his/her number.

        It is interesting to note that Yahoo’s new message board design differs according to which message board is accessed. That means each message board is being monitored separately, as are those who post their views. You can take from that whatever it indicates, but this MB in particular is a danger to the supporters of fiat money.

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