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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Jan 18, 2013 12:27 PM Flag

    The Unadulterated Gold Standard

    We are at present witnessing a highly manipulative environment in the PM markets. All of the debt is being papered over with continuing QE’s and the raising of the Federal debt limit. It is assumed that most on this message board will understand that this can only lead to “inflation”, and it will be assumed that they also understand this to be a fabricated term. If you are wondering why PMs have not advanced further, simply look at today’s action in the PM markets. The behavior is predictable, and has been described previously under this screen name before the fact. Today PM markets rose strongly on opening, giving most “small fry” no opportunity to buy in at opening prices that had to be decided on by the “inner circle” of market makers. Today, as in the past, this was followed by a sharp decline to create declines in value for those unable to get in at the beginning, who unfortunately found willing market maker sellers at the top

    There is an interesting piece that has just been published today titled: “The Unadulterated Gold Standard
    Part IV (Intro To Real Bills)” by Keith Weiner. Within he makes the following statement:

    “…It is not the job of government to outlaw everything that experts in every field believe will lead to calamity. And those experts should be cautious before prejudging free actors in a free market and presuming that they will hurt themselves if left alone. …”

    This is the typically weak statement from those who know that fraud is taking place, but do not wish to confront it.

    To access the above report merely put the title in your browser. Most by now know that Yahoo deletes any posts that have links, except those that Yahoo has not “while listed”. As usual, note that Yahoo does not publish even a partial list of what is “white listed”. The reason for this is obvious because it speaks to an agenda that would not receive approval from most who would understand that it is the interests of the banksters that are at the heart of said agenda.

    This release explains the unassailable value of “real bills”, because, unlike fiat (counterfeit) currency, they do not cause “inflation”.

    More than simply a suspicion, but a statement of fact, is that this concept of “real bills” can never gain traction until our counterfeit money collapses to worthlessness, thus the first statement of this Topic. We are being governed by crooks, whether they are in politics or finance at the highest levels, such as the Federal Reserve. The only problem with any of the topics, such as the one referred to, is that they fail to call “a spade, a spade”, and to point out that we are dealing with criminals, and not the naïve, who fully understand what they are doing, as concerns their support of fiat money, and are unlikely to change because of how enormously they have profited at their criminal enterprise of manipulating economies through the usage of various schemes to issue debt masquerading as money.

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