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  • goldmanpillageandsack goldmanpillageandsack Feb 3, 2013 11:39 AM Flag

    "Getting Physical"

    It seems that the world is "Getting Physical" and not only re-patriating its central bank gold, it is starting to consider it to be the "universal currency of choice".

    In a world where banks create billions overnight, people everywhere are understanding that nation after nation is printing their currencies to excess.

    I have often said "It doesn't matter, until it does".

    Perhaps we should consider recent huge shifts in physical delivery volumes:

    On the macro scale, we must consider the tale of two major exchanges, where normally, relatively few deliveries of physical metal take place... The Shanghai and the COMEX.

    The Shanghai exchange is delivering a record 31 tons of gold to it's customers this month. On the COMEX, an unprecedented 42 tons of gold are standing for delivery in the month of February. That totals 73 tons in only one month! To put it into perspective, 73 tons represents 40% of annual global production.

    Micro? The US and Canadian mints are running out of coins and records for sales are being set... The US mint delivered 40 million one ounce Silver Eagles in 2012 against US total mine production of 33 million ounces.

    Micro again? Over 9.3 million physical ounces have been redeemed from the SLV by qualified investors since January 17th, (must own 50,000 shares). It is ultra rare for anyone to exploit the delivery feature on the SLV yet it is suddenly happening .

    To confirm this newly appearing trend, watch for backwardation to develop on the futures strip. Also watch for cash settlements on the CRIMEX as we approach the physical delivery deadline.

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    • goldmanpillageandsack goldmanpillageandsack Feb 24, 2013 11:40 PM Flag

      40.63 tons is now the delivery amount for February. It is simply shocking to see the amount standing for delivery rising in the face of the fall in price of gold.

      Anyone who studies markets knows that as demand goes, so goes price. In the case of gold, the only way the price can fall in the face of rising demand is through manipulation of the market through the activities of those who are in the position to create paper contracts to drive the price down.

      The question remains as to how long it will take for the demand for physical delivery to catch up with the providers of un-backed paper contracts.

      Since JPMorgan/Chase and HSBC are the criminals behind the paper trades, I truly look forward to the day when they get caught short.

      With both gold and silver at record levels for physical demand, catching JPM and HSBC is becoming an inevitability...

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    • Feb numbers did not change much. 38.45 tons are standing for delivery (1,236,100 oz).

      Even with the decrease in margin requirements at the CRIMEX gold and silver are continuing to drift lower.

      The spread on the strip is .80 for the front three months and backwardation has not occurred. Deliverable inventory rose to 84.01 tons.

      It is eerily quiet across the board in the pits, exchanges and boards...

      There is no shock or outrage that Goldman Sachs advised it's customers to sell Heinz three days before the merger, at the same time as its prop desks were buying... Crime Pays if you are a Banking Cartel Member...

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    • goldmanpillageandsack goldmanpillageandsack Feb 13, 2013 11:41 AM Flag

      February delivery numbers continue to stay strong at 38.54 tons (1,239,300oz) are standing against a deliverable inventory of 82.42 tons.

      The future strip shows only a .60 cent spread over the first three months. No backwardation yet.

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    • There remain 1,245,700 ounces or 38.71 tons of gold standing for delivery on the CRIMEX in February...

      The Futures strip came remarkably close to backwardation today, and when/if it does, I'll be buying!


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    • The new number of ounces standing for delivery in Feb is 1,254,500 ounces. That is 39.09 tons on top of Singapore's feb delivery of 31 tons.

      We are not yet into backwardation of the futures strip but getting closer to it. When we do, it is my opinion that we will break out of this pendant formation.

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    • At the CRIMEX, a few (519) contracts were cashed in... This takes the amount standing for February delivery down to 39.51 tons... A cool 1,271,300 ounces!

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    • Geez, the thing won't post, I re-write it, and then it posts...

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