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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Mar 20, 2013 3:17 PM Flag

    Yahoo’s new management has nose trouble.

    Many are having problems using Yahoo’s Interactive charts. This is a recent change within the last couple of weeks. What has happened is that the charts will not display unless “cookies” are enabled. Some are saying that the Opera browser has been able to circumvent this requirement. Also browsers that are of the proxy variety cannot access Yahoo Finance because a script “error” disallows it.

    This is a deliberate attempt to spy on the financial interests of those who visit Yahoo websites when Interactive charts are used, which targets all small investors. Apparently Firefox is cooperating, as is Microsoft Internet Explorer. In the case of IE the following debug line demonstrates the test for the cookie requirement when attempting to use an Interactive chart:

    var doesCookieExists=this.cookieExists(

    The fact that the above line of code demonstrates that cookies were not allowed (else there would be no debug requirement) causes the Interactive chart to not display. So if the user decides that the display of Interactive charts are important enough to allow cookies the interest in each security can be tracked.

    The attempt in Cyprus to sieze depositor money is a red flag that all countries will be exploring ways to target large numbers of what is left of the middle class, and those outside of elite circles for asset seizures. This appears to be yet another way to discover what the level of interests are in the financial markets and what in specific in the United States for a future point in time where planned asset seizure can be done based on this sort of research.

    An Internet search has revealed that most believe the failure to display Interactive charts is due to some error. In fact it is a planned strategy to spy on the mass interests of groups of users.

    Note that Yahoo is not the only financial website that has recently begun this practice. Websites that provide Editorials on the PM markets are also requiring cookies to be allowed

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