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  • May 1, 2013 9:17 AM Flag

    Not to forget - AUY is MAKING money

    With all the news of net losses for company quarterly reports, lets keep our eye on the ball and focus that this company is growing its mining bases and is MAKING money each quarter. Let's not forget this stock was 15 dollars a share a month ago - fundamentals have not changed. Does anyone really think gold will not bounce back... it's not an unlimited resource. Strong buy.

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    • “...lets keep our eye on the ball and focus that this company is growing its mining bases and is MAKING money ...

      Yes, but let’s not be one of those that fails, either deliberately or out of ignorance, to find where the downturn ends, and an upturn begins. All us little people are in a war against a bunch of elitist PIIGS whose objective is to rob the wealth of everyone, transferring it into their own pockets. We have no one in government, the media, the business community, educational institutions, religious organizations and a host of others captured by bankster money to go up against these manipulative criminal bankster objectives to steal from others by illegal means. Notice, as usual, that today the plunge did not take place until immediately upon entering the NY market. This has been going on, literally, for YEARS.

      This is a liberty destroying process that creates economic slaves. It is important that we try, the best we can, to provide the sort of information that will cause people to succeed in their PM investment decisions, rather than have them spend limited resources at the wrong time, thus having no means to prevail successfully by investing at lows and selling at highs.

      DO NOT AVERAGE DOWN. Wait for the bottom. There was a poster on this message board not too long ago that suggested a “double bottom” had taken place. That displays a level of ignorance suggesting many are going to fall for the fake painting of chart patterns not driven by enough volume to be relevant.

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      • Hapi -- Sage advice. Those averaging down are not paying attention to the global/national situations and the prices of PM's have much further to decline. - I laugh at those that claim the "fundamentals" of the company have not changed so why is the price dropping? That is incredible, the fundamentals HAVE changed, the product they are selling is taking a nose dive (gold), how much more fundamental does it get when the price of your product is headed for the cellar?

        Some of these posters HAVE to be paid pumpers, there is no other explanation. It's like trying to pump up a tire full of holes, it won't work for them no matter how fast they pump.

    • it's not so much about Gold bouncing back, it's about AUY making profit. Ok, 16 cents/share or 64 cents per year on a $11 share puts the PE at 17. A PE of 17 is high for a minimg stock. I think that this will go to around 10, and perhaps to $9

      Sentiment: Sell

    • That doesn't seem to matter now does it? You mentioned this was just at $15 a month ago and earnings were just fine. This stocks looks to be punished in 2013 especially after yesterday's earnings. I guess anything can bring this down, which is a joke but that also means there's value in the company if the fundamentals haven't changed. With gold being down over $20/oz today and with the lackluster earnings report, expect this to take another dive possibly into the $10 range for the short-term. My goodness it's at $11.30 right now (a $1 down from yesterday). Humor me people, when was the last time this saw a dollar in the green? Anyway, if you're in long-term then I wouldn't worry for the reasons that you mentioned but if short-term, I highly doubt that this will rebound that this will rebound 40% anytime soon. I'm looking to average down some more if we see (I hope not) single digits.

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