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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer May 2, 2013 3:35 PM Flag

    The Rothschilds Exposed

    Access this YouTube account explaining the history of central banking since the 17th century. It is a 3-part expose that parallels G. Edward Griffin’s, The Creature from Jekyll Island. Though it is not associated with Griffin’s many editions, it echos much of what Griffin cites in his book. If you put “The Rothschilds Exposed" (as a phrase) and YouTube as a word to be found in your browser it will return all 3 parts.

    As previously cited, ALL of Griffin's earlier edition of "The Creature from Jekyll Island" is available as a free download on the Internet.

    Be careful any of you that think the take-down in the PM markets means the end of the “gold bubble”. It is a grab for yours by Rothschild interests and their partners in crime through their control of the big worldwide mega-banks. We unfortunately no longer have a representative government that is willing to oppose this criminality, as was the case, for example, of President Andrew Jackson. You are responsible for protecting your own interests by not succumbing to the scare tactics of the recent take-down of the PM markets. There are some that are posting on this and other message boards that appear by their posts to be part of the network to destroy confidence in PM investments. If you are stupid enough to buy their arguments you will clearly become a loser.

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    • the extraordinary history of petrodollar recycling -- Use Google, I can't make it any easier than that.

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      • global,

        Thanks for suggesting the article and its reference books. It is interesting that this topic (Banking Cartel political dominance) is finding common ground on both sides of the political spectrum. Many people from both the right and left have recommended "The Creature From Jekyll Island", this material is new to me.

        Specific to the article: I had been aware of the fact that Sadam's take down was related to his rejection of the dollar as being the source of our military action against him. After all, he was put in power by the US CIA while George Bush Sr. was its head. Thumbing his nose at Bush Jr. was biting the hand that fed him... What I did not know about, was the 1970's petrodollar relationship.

        I think that a great deal of the recent unleashing of mid-east war and unrest is because of our lessened dependence upon them for oil. Our nation seems content to sell arms and pit the Arab world against itself for the foreseeable future. After all, great profits are made in selling guns and ammo to the locals...

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • hapi -- I just found something you should be interested in concerning oil/dollar/gold and the secret deals of the banking structure. It is located on the democratic underground site and listed under the extraordinary history of petrodollar recycling. You should be able to find it with those search details. Wow. It began in the early 70's.

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      • Intervening issues delayed accessing the well researched article you posted a month ago, Globalau73. "Th extraordinary history of petrodollar recycling" was a good read, backs up and embilishes much of what was already known. The title above was copied and pasted, including typos, so it goes directly to the source. It does seem that dollar hegemony is being challenged by Asia and other countries nearby. See Jim Willie's most recent post.

        By the way, Global, how's that garden growing down there in AZ?

      • Frankly, the Democratic Underground is considered a subversive organization here. But sometimes information coming out of these websites exposes the type of information other sources would rather not see the light of day. That being said, your reference to this is too incomplete to find what exactly you cite. Please provide the title to limit search time.

        The petro-dollar is understood as something that came out of WWII meant to keep the American dollar the worldwide medium of exchange by guaranteeing the security of Saudi Arabia militarily in return for access to its oil (Aramco). The ending of the Bretton Woods Agreement by Nixon in 1971, with his slick statement concerning the continued viability of the dollar, allowed its continuance until the current day when its disintegration is widely perceived as other countries are trending towards gold backing. That meant carte blanche fiat money printing by the private Federal Reserve System in which de Gaulle called the bluff of the international fiat gold pool requirements due to the expense of the Viet Nam War. Of course printing money has ALWAYS been the basis of wars, since the expense of such undertakings with objectives of world domination cannot be done by governments using legitimate money. That being said, ultimately the victors in conflicts are those peoples that adhere to the strict usage of specie while adversarial countries engage in monetary devaluation as a funding mechanism for their militarism. This was the case of the Byzantine Empire until it violated what George Washington termed “entangling alliances” and the Byzantine Empire became embroiled in expensive military conflicts resulting in its decline during the Crusades.

        Since you responded to the Hapi post, but did not mention the Jekyll Island book, would you provide your feedback on your opinion of its contents? That would give some indication of your regard for fiat money’s impact on all that are required to use it by law.

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