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  • gpawx3 gpawx3 May 7, 2013 6:28 PM Flag


    I used to be a regular on this board "a while back", and was just wondering how everybody was doing. Yamana seems to be going nowhere fast. Some of the worst management I have ever seen. And to think I used to own this dog! Still not as bad as Queenstake Resources though {anybody remember them?}

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    • Well if by old timer you mean before Desert Sun, then I'm your man, but if you think the management hasn't done an excellent job building this company then your an freakin' idiot! I guess you're just one of those clowns who failed to realize that acquisitions temporarily damages share price, and that Peter has tried to create a production pipeline that corresponded to the rise of the gold bull market. It wasn't NEVER about immediate and steady appreciation of shares. Better go back to your tech stock guesses for that.

      The current downturn is sector wide and all the #$%$' and moaning is no more than childish "I want it now"! If you had the smarts to swing trade you could have (as I did) a 40% gain on my PM investments last year. And BTW - so far the last couple of weeks have been great - up about 10%.

      Volatility is the trader's friend but the curse of the slow and stupid. I hope you are totally discouraged and will drop out just as the PM sector is about to take off. I heard long ago that is exactly what would happen to most weak-kneed and amateurish "friends of gold".


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      • BOGFIT! I remember that handle. Yes, I owned DEZ, that was how I came to own my AUY shares. At the time, I figured that any management team that could see the value in DEZ, I wanted to be a part of, so I bought AUY. Things were fine for about 18 mounths, Then came all of the massive dilution of share value. I held for a while longer, then more dilution. I saw that they were going to follow the same path that Bernanke was taking, so I sold and invested in other mining companies with better prospects. So I have been around for awhile, and have seen plenty. What we are seeing now is similar to what took place in September of 2007 {remember that massacre?}. Sorry, don't own any Tech stocks, that is so 1999. Call me an idiot, but I fail to see where there is any "temporary" damage to AUY. This is something much more than that. Meridian was a good acquisition, but they should have stopped there. There are different rules for day traders and long term investors, as you know. AUY is a good TRADERS stock, but very poor for investors. And I am not going away anytime soon, I bought my first mining share {a South African ADR} back in 1971, so I am far from being a newbie to all of this.

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    • Hi gpawx3. About AUY you say, “...Some of the worst management I have ever seen. And to think I used to own this dog!...” So what has been your alternative? It is assumed that like the rest of us you realize the PM markets have been undergoing a bankster takedown, although some still profess that it is just a “normal” market correction.

      The history of banking indicates, and in particular the Rothschild influence ongoing since the 18th century, that current conditions are anything but normal. It seems to be a stretch to think that when there is more than a 50% concentration of worldwide wealth into a small group of people that manipulation is not a factor, particularly in the PM sector which competes with the aforementioned individuals whose wealth relies heavily on being able to produce and control fiat currencies, among many other areas too numerous to mention.

      All reports available indicate that physical PMs are in very short supply, and so the price is going down? Maybe the economic textbooks need to be re-written.

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      • Every time I go to the Yahoo website, my computer immediately slows down dramatically, while the cookies are being added.
        I also noted that one of the reasons for the slowdown is that they have added many more ads.
        Once up on a time the precious metal board where rather interesting and informative, but with the new format they have deteriorated considerably to the point that sharing information and opinions (like charts etc) has become imposible

      • “...Maybe the economic textbooks need to be re-written. ...”

        Oooops! It was forgotten that all economic textbooks are reviewed and approved by bankster operatives. If any students that have interest in the PM market sector read this message be sure to not let your bankster approved Econ instructors know you don’t buy their “economics”. That should get you an A+, 4.0 or whatever is highest at your institutions of “higher” learning. Remember you are paying out a lot of fiat dollars to be certified as a bankster brainwashed idiet (mis-spelled purposely).

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