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  • tsohn4 tsohn4 Jul 9, 2013 3:40 PM Flag

    Professional annalists

    Its interesting many past earnings report had glowing articles on AUY and upgrades then the report came out misses. Now we have the opposite happening a lot of bad press and downgrades. Could this be another misinformation/ manipulation because they know AUY will do ok or better? All the signs say it will be bad I think it will, but I try to take these annalists with a grain of salt look for the scam. When every one is running it may be a time to buy the big firms know this. Any thoughts


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    • After the bad reports and all the pundits giving bad press we are having a good run. Where are they now buying AUY?

    • My thoughts? LEARN HOW TO SPELL "ANALYSTS" CORRECTLY BEFORE YOU MAKE AN UTTER FOOL OUT OF YOURSELF ON THE WEB!!!! Kind of like Client9. I took him to task for his lack of basic spelling and grammatical abilities, and we have been knocking heads for 5 years now. He doesn't seem to get it that how you express yourself in writing is an absolute reflection on your education....or lack thereof.

    • Interesting this was downgraded with bad press and the stock goes up.

    • A large part of the answer is here: “What the Fundamentals Say about Gold Prices!” by Julien Phillips…

      “…‘Bear Raid’ with SPDR Gold Sales

      After all, the fall in the gold price was hard and fast due entirely to the bear raid in the U.S. This started in mid-April after the sales from the SPDR gold ETF had begun more than a month ahead of that. The signal for the bear raid was given when Goldman Sachs issued a recommendation to their clients to go ‘short’ of gold. The fall was very dramatic and shook the gold world to its roots. The volumes of physical gold that were sold were enormous. Even the Central Bank Gold Agreement limitations on gold sales (when they occurred, pre-2009) were held at 4 – 500 tonnes a year. These sales took place over three months, with the 500 tonne bear raid happening in one week. …”

      Banksters have gotten as much as they are able to from the take-down engineered by their call to clients to short PMs. There isn’t that much downside left with increasing demand from Asia.

      Charts appear to show a bottoming in the PM charts as western ETFs are emptying their supplies as eastern buyers eagerly buy what the ETFs have sold.

      See “Shanghai Gold Volume Shock” by Stewart Thomson.

      This sure seems to indicate a very robust turn-a-round some time soon when western investors in the stock market change direction and again place their money in risk based insurance, which will compensate for all that has bled off from the PM sector. Wall Street has pumped up the share prices to indicate that the economic boom is in progress, even as real employment numbers are worse than ever because they are not indicative of the amount of people still out of work, with those that are working employed mostly in temporary employment services like Kelly with no benefits and reduced hours. Kelly Services has become the second largest US employer after Walmart and the Federal Government, which is number 1.

      See “Largest American Employers” by Sue Weber

    • The sell off in gold miners coincides with two things:

      a) the slide in price of gold, naturally
      b) the industry beginning to publish their "all-in" production costs as devised by the World Gold Council.

      The later has all the analysts spooked.

      What these analysts are missing is that these costs will come down, as many miners are loaded with contractors, extra employees, ect. Lots of fat, built up over the good times in the last few years.

      The miners will do what they have to do to survive.

      And that means a determined focus on cost reduction.
      Cold, hard cost reduction, and that process is underway across all the majors, and may include mine closures at mines that just don't cut the new math.

      Sentiment: Buy

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