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  • client9.nola client9.nola Jul 16, 2013 11:21 PM Flag


    Pete, a man in his late fifties, who's admitted to "working" for a Silver marketing company has come on this board for the past 6 years using multiple alias and does nothing but spew hatred to anyone who has any opinion (both long and short) on the metals market.

    He's been calling for $200/oz silver for the past two years and placed a bet with me that Silver would hit $200 by year end of 2011. Well, he welched on that bet and has also threatened me with physical violence on numerous occasions. Not that I wouldn't mind giving an #$%$ beating to this bumbling fool, and I've offered to pay for him to come to New Orleans, so I could personally introduce him to Bessie the gator who lives down by my fishing camp.

    What ever you do, don't place any bets with this man, because HE WON'T PAY!!!

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    • Clearly jealous of gold's superiority over silver.

    • Ready for the truth, now that Client9 has served up his psychotic version of reality? Very good then. I am 53. My name isn't Pete. I never worked for any marketing company, and never said I did. I never bet this clown on anything other than the idea that I had walked 700 miles of the Appalachian Trail in 2011, and Clown9 doubted it. I did send him a picture of each of the 8 states I had walked in from my personal collection, which he immediately stated that I had just grabbed them off the internet somewhere. He was the one that welshed on the bet, not me. I did call for some better silver prices, but the price he has pulled out of his backside was never mentioned. I did threaten to beat his fat rear end if I ever saw him, which is not likely, as I don't want to go down to one of the murder capitals of the country. He never offered to pay my way, in any event.
      As far as the suppression of precious metals is concerned, you can blame Obama, you can blame the Fed, the treasury, and particulary the CFTC, who can make and change the rules anytime they want with respect to the margin requirements on futures contracts. They hiked the price 7 times in a row in April 2011 before they got their desired result, which was to tumble the price like a snowball running down a steep slope. They hold all the cards and the big players realized they couldn't make any money in this rigged market, so they went elsewhere to try to make a buck.
      And last but not least, you can blame retail suckers who think when they invest in the SLV and like-minded ETF's, that they are actually invested in silver! Nothing could be further from the truth. You can't click a mouse in and out of a paper based fund and invest in anything other than numbers on a brokerage statement. This tail-wagging the dog syndrome is one of the primary factors, in addition to the heinous manipulation of the dollar by the Fed, with the Treasury as accomplice, that has conspired to rig the metals market.

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      • I guess he'll never own up to the fact that his call for $200 Silver blew up in his face.

      • In regard to his Appalachian Trail "Hike", the only place the KING OF ALL LYING MORONS hiked to was from the bus to the bathroom!!! Not one picture of him, or him with a hiking pack, or him at a campsite. The KING OF ALL LYING MORONS, sent pics with asphalt, easy to get to areas that could be accessed by a tour bus. Nothing was ever sent with him in any kind of actual trail or campsite. Just wide views of markers (again easily accessible from any vehicle) and mountain ranges.

      • The KING OF ALL LYING MORONS wrote he never said he worked for a Silver marketing company and the proof is right there in the post below. If the KING OF ALL LYING MORONS didn't use 25 different alias (of which many were terminated by Yahoo), then I'd be able to post his outright bet, claiming Silver was going to hit $200/ oz by year end 2011.

      • Moron... you say your name is not Pete... yet you have used "Pete" in every ID that you've had on Yahoo for the past 6 years. WTF are we supposed to address you as? Mary?

        This is about you, not Obama or ETF manipulators nor the man in the moon. It's about you lying, about you making the most disastrous of call, about your email spam, about how you welch on you bets. Get it? Got it? Good!!!

      • Are you stoned or just stoooopid???

        This is your own words, taken from your own post you lying sack of sheet. Do you deny that you posted this on Mar 27th?

        "I work for a silver marketing company"

        petertownsend1776 • Mar 27, 2013 10:51 PM

        Actually, it's not. I work for a silver marketing company and they do indeed hold a drawing every day for a slabbed, graded MS-70 one ounce coin. You can register by going to where I told you to go and leave your name and phone number and I'll call and explain the deal. Once you register you are eligible to win every single day. But, no, it's not a scam. If you love silver, you will love this program. Less

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    • Hey, would you pay my way to New Orleans? Haven't been in the area for awhile and miss that good Cajun food.

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