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  • tcook1956 tcook1956 Aug 2, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    wow GLD has really reversed higher in AH what is up???????????

    interesting move

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    • That should be obvious. The only way a reversal of that magnitude can take place is if one buyer or group of buyers gets together to place orders simultaneously. See Harvey’s Organ. Within he states: “…Tomorrow is the jobs report and no doubt our bankers will attack as this is their usual modus operandi. It seems that the bankers are now more blatant than ever in their manipulation schemes. …”

      The above was quoted from August 1st. Wait till tomorrow (3rd) to learn what is said for today.

      Notice that the abnormal price change took place immediately upon the open of the NY NYMEX. (By the way, are you located in England since “After Hours (AH)” would be for you the opening of the NY NYMEX?) That is OBVIOUS manipulation, and it has been happening this way literally for years. Many lesser operatives are part of the cabal doing this, including some who visit this message board. You can pinpoint who they are by the certainty they express about market direction.

      Since central banksters can pretty much do whatever they want they are unconstrained to get their desired results. Again, we are dealing with world central banks and those who represent their ownership that would be dealt with severely, if the US Constitution was followed. They are a lawless lot, and thus the term assigned to them as “banksters”. There are NO representatives in significant numbers that back the rights of the People to be protected from bankster plunder.

      The super-rich are definitely getting super-super rich by breaking securities laws, and the “jobs report” propaganda is a creature of their making implying an improving economy that is a smoke and mirrors piece of fraud by the media they control. Millions of jobs have been lost, never to return, since 2008 that drops through the black hole of bankster controlled media reports. The public, apparently, slavishly believes everything they are told from those sources.

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