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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Aug 24, 2013 8:41 AM Flag

    Yahoo’s TOS and unpublished rules:

    Informing others is the best pathway to oppose the hold the cartel banks have on everyone’s lives, Yahoo has come up with a strategy to destroy the means to do so.

    The method is simple, and uses automated censorship as the tool. Links are the means to inform and back up or destroy opinions by providing a path to undisputed recognized experts by those whose only objective is to attempt to mislead others in directions beneficial to a few whose real objectives are criminal in nature. Algorithms easily recognize a link in any Yahoo message board post. With the change in Yahoo’s top officer also came the unpublished policy to create algorithms to delete any posts containing a link. Recently Yahoo has engaged in including so called “white listed” links among those that are candidates for deletion, such as the US Constitution, and even links to content within Yahoo message boards.

    What are the values of links? They shut up the continual inane messages (you know what is being referred to) by those who post in mere seconds the same message on multiple message boards. If you read the published TOS (not the unpublished rules concerning links) it is a violation to engage in cross message board posts with the same content. But apparently, if it backs up the manipulation of PMs to lower prices levels, that is “A, OK”.

    It will be left up to you to decide what sort of an individual at the top of an organization that would put in place such un-American policies meant to eventually install a “new world order”.

    To assist those who have yet to discover a way around such destructive censorship policies there is a solution. Back up or dispute statements with widely recognized experts by including A FULL TITLE of their article on the Internet along with the AUTHOR’S NAME. This works every time.

    Further, full cooperation with the NSA is part of Yahoo policy. Your DD will confirm that statement.

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