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  • pantyman4urprofit pantyman4urprofit Aug 28, 2013 9:29 PM Flag



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    • I fear the sucker is you but how I'd wish you were right because my only regret is that I didn't buy more below nine. So if you suckers can short it, please do! I'll grab every penny I can get on the dips! Everyone with a basic understanding of the actual state of the world economy and the future value of money will understand why .

    • People whose only reason to exist is to taunt others REALLY need to evaluate the meaning of their lives and what brought them to this state. Then find something better to do with their time. Such people serve no useful purpose on here because they provide NO useful information, NO evidence to support their statements, the need to try to tear down others almost ALWAYS stems from a VERY low self esteem. They have the misguided idea that by tearing down others they lift themselves up, not realizing that they have only revealed what a pathetic existence they have, their obvious low IQ, and just how hopeless their lives have become. I feel sorry for these people because the worst part of it is that they will continue to deny the facts and just like an alcoholic, will continue their behavior until it eats away at their soul. If they really believe that ONYONE on this board actually takes them seriously, then they need help! We all do our own DD, and they generally have done none. They troll boards of stocks that are on sale thinking that somehow they will look smart. EPIC FAIL!!

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      • “…People whose only reason to exist is to taunt others REALLY need to evaluate the meaning of their lives and what brought them to this state. …”

        Those who brought us to where we are today are also the one you describe. They don’t care what you think of them. You can not reform them. They must “disappear”, just as must the most heinous mass murderers of history.

        The Rockefellers, Rothschild’s, Nelson Aldrich’s, Warburg’s, Benjamin Strong, JP Morgan’s and all the incestuous incarnations thereof need to be called to account for perpetrating an enormous scam in secret to take over not only this country, but all the nations of Earth through the central banking systems.

        What exactly do you think is going on in Syria right now? Has “evidence” been presented to us of Assad’s wrongdoing? Or is that “top secret” to “protect” us. Some journalists are saying that the rebels in Syria “accidentally” shot off sarin gas canisters, not knowing what they had received by way of Saudi Arabia. If dangerous weapons are placed into the hands of the ignorant, do you have plausible deniability? Are you guilty of knowing what might be done with them if placed in such hands? Maybe you only told the recipients part of the story to insure that they would be used against unarmed civilians in a false flag operation.

        These events should be treated no differently than widely publicized murders. The debate should be carried on openly in public without the veil of government secrecy.

        Is there a disconnect between those you say are “taunting” and any of the above? No! We are talking of the destruction of mediums of exchange by central banks. This extends to “unintended consequences” of death that are no more unintended than the leaving out of a critical part on an airliner leading to the death and destruction of all aboard. In this case the critical part is specie replaced by counterfeit fiat funny monopoly money which the topic’s author appears to be supportive of.

      • they are also poor investors as smart money shorts (not me) hit the shares when they were at 17-20, not now.

    • only way that will happen is when get 3 for 1 stock split next couple of yrs

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