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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer May 29, 2014 9:56 PM Flag

    Watch out!

    Western central banks are desperate for your PMs. They are taking the PM market down slowly (which is fine with Asia) with some minor upswings. Western banks for a number of years now have been transferring PMs to the East. Now they need to replace what they have discarded FROM YOU.

    Previously it was though that perhaps $1200 gold and $19 silver might be a bottom, with the caveat that from that point upward the reversal would need to be apparent.

    Remember, virtually ALL the PM newsletter writers have been wrong about the direction of that sector. It should make you wonder if it is incompetence or a secret alliance they have with the banksters using, of course, plausible deniability.

    As stated from this screen name about 2 weeks ago, Peter Schiff penned the following: “The Belgian Connection”. Now Jim Willie has stated much the same in “BRICS Gold Source & Belgium Bulge”.

    These findings are related to the take-down (manipulation, such as recent Barclay's revelations) of precious metals with central bank impending insolvency. They are attempting to drive down the PM market filling their coffers with YOUR PMs along with the same old siren song of gold as a “barbaric relic” worthy only of disposal before the price goes lower. All this should mean is that PM investors should be looking for an impending bottom in the PM market, taking advantage of the lower prices provided gold/silver investors. The only way this can be recognized is with a large uptick subsequent to a bottom that takes out overhead resistance. This will mean that relatively deep-pocket investors have come aboard and will not countenance losses the result of CB manipulation without serious lawsuits (perhaps as a class) combined with public exposure of CB wrong-doing.

    Note, also, that major stock indices are moving upwards on declining volume, which is opposite to expectations of a long-term uptrend. The old refrain applies: “Bulls make money, bears make money but pigs get slaughtered”.

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    • The central bank cartel view paper gold ETFs like GLD as plunder waiting to be taken. I think I read that GLDs reserves were back to 2008 levels already and probably will continue to drain as they force spot price of gold down relentlessly. This is an easy tactic that the banksters use to replenish supply. As a side effect I'm sure they hope to drive the weaker miners out of business, and then drive a hard bargain to claim assets once those miners default on the bank loans. Another easy way to replenish supplies. That's why at this point in the game, I would never think about owning anything other than blue chip miners that can stay in business even with these games going on.

    • ooppps! May I borrow this for my GSS board... Also, I see the pawn shops all over trying to buy up gold.......guys standing outside with signs.....

    • may borrow this for my gss board???

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